Acer R240HY bidx Review – Excellent Full HD Monitor!

Acer R240HY bidx review

Many users are directly making the shift to Quad HD displays, but we still have to say that full HD displays are just as good especially when we talking about a smaller screen size. In this Acer R240HY bidx review, we discuss this new full HD monitor from Acer that comes with all the necessary features you would expect in a sub $150 display.

Acer makes great monitors, and this one is on its toes to join that list. This new monitor is targeted at people who need a decent display, but not into serious creative stuff. Read our review and find out if this monitor brings the most bang for your buck.

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We have to admit that this monitor is cheap, at least cheaper than other ones in the market. That shows in the build quality. The plastic in the monitor is not that great for feeling. The only non-plastic parts are the logo and the stand. The aluminum stand is firm and does what is expected of it.

You can tilt the monitor forward and backward and that’s it. There is no swiveling or pivoting this display. That might restrict your style, but the price is too good to complain about it. Another impressive thing about this display is the looks of it. It looks good from any angle, and if that matters to you, this is a nice monitor.

Acer R240HY bidx Specs

This is a 23.8-inch monitor that comes with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a native aspect ratio of 16:9 and comes with an IPS panel. These are the most important specs you should be aware of, and they decide what this monitor is capable of to an average user.

The bezels are very thin, and you’ll get an excellent media experience. Acer calls this a zero frame design and this also makes it easy to make a multiple monitor setup for your workstation.

Let’s talk about the picture quality. The full HD resolution with a screen this big might create doubts in some people. But it works just fine. The picture quality is nice, and you get crisp images that are true to life. The aspect ratio makes this display an excellent choice for streaming movies and series.

Acer R240HY bidx monitorHaving IPS panel in such a low-priced monitor is still surprising. As a result, you get excellent viewing angles that allow you to watch the screen from any angle.

The Acer R240HY bidx comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz. If you are a gamer, you might want your perfect monitor to have a refresh rate of 120Hz. But this is not a gaming monitor, and 60Hz works fine in this case. Movements are smooth as you would expect. This refresh rate doesn’t mean that you can’t play games on this monitor; you still can, but not at a competitive level.

The response time of 4ms is a good spec as well. This is good enough to prevent ghosting. Yes, monitors with 1 or 2ms are better at this, but you can get a better response time in this price range.

The monitor can get pretty bright in the daytime. It has a maximum brightness of 250Nits, and it can also get dim for a better viewing experience in darker situations. There is also good contrast in the pictures that leads to a true to life color representation.

You get all the necessary ports for connectivity. There is a DVI port, an HDMI port and also a VGA port that makes it easy to hook it up to a computer.

Acer R240HY bidx Review: Verdict

The Acer R240HY bidx is a beautiful monitor for the price. You get a full HD resolution with good response time and refresh rate. The wide viewing angle is also a welcome feature. If you are on a budget and need a worthy full HD monitor, go for it.

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