Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV Review

Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV Review

Alienware are known for their wonderful machines. If you are a serious gamer, then you should have heard or used one by now. In this Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV review, we are going to discuss a new release that promises to be an excellent choice for hardcore gamers. With the specs that come along, chances are they can be only right.

Are you looking to upgrade your old gaming laptop? Are you planning to get your hands on your first gaming machine? In either case, this laptop will interest you. Read this full review and find out if this gaming notebook can serve you well in your journey as a gamer. Read on.

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Like any other Alienware laptop, this one also comes with a similar, proven design. The first impression is very good. It looks and surely feels premium without a doubt. This is, by far, not the lightest laptop you are going to find. You can also see a number of exhaust outlets that help to keep your device cool.

The keyboard and the trackpad are made for gaming. Using the backlit keypad is a joy whereas the trackpad is pretty standard stuff. All the essential ports can be found on the sides and are easily accessible. There are also a few ports at the back as well.

At 7.1 pounds, you might not prefer it to be your travel companion. But for the power it provides you can rely on it for your gaming experience. Overall, this laptop has a good design that will age well.

Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV Specs

Talking about the display, we are a little confused. Here, we have a 15.6-inch LED-backlit UHD display. This is an ultra high definition with a resolution of 3680 x 2146 pixels. This is an incredible resolution, and the picture quality is just amazing. The viewing angles are also very impressive making it a great for media consumption along with your friends.

But why put a 4K resolution in a 15.6-inch screen. A quad HD display would have done well. The human eye really can’t tell the difference between a Quad HD and a 4K display at this size. They could have reduced the display and that in turn might have improved the battery life by a good deal. Rant over.

This display here is also a touchscreen. So it gives you all the added benefits of a touchscreen as well. You have an excellent 4K display that is also touch-sensitive. For this price, this is a really impressive offering from Alienware.

The Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV is run with the help of an Intel Core i7 4710HQ processor. This is a Haswell-based processor that comes with a 6MB cache. The processor clocks at 2.5GHz and with Intel’s turbo boost it can reach up to 3.5GHz when the need arises.

Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV gaming laptopThis processor is perfect for running high-end applications and games. It can handle almost anything you throw at it. Even some intense photo and video editing can be done with this processor’s help without breaking a sweat.

The memory here is 16GB dual channel DDR3L RAM with an operating frequency of 1600MHz. This is a brilliant memory, and it suits the main purpose of gaming. Games are getting better day by day and with a memory like this you can be happy for quite some time in the future.

This memory also elevates your multitasking abilities. You can run more than just a single application simultaneously. Your favorite browser will now run fine with a lot of active tabs open. This is just makes the whole computing experience better.

This Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV review will not be a good one without mentioning the graphics card. The graphics card in this Alienware machine is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M with three gigs of DDR5 RAM. This is a beast of a graphics card and is made for high-end machines like this.

You can the best games right now at good settings without any problems. Hardcore gamers love good frame rates, and this GPU will get you just that. The good thing is that this will hold good for a few more years to come making your investment future-proof.

For storage, you get a 1TB SATA hard drive with an operating speed of 5400RPM. This gives you space, but not necessarily the speed. That is where the 256GB solid state drive comes in. This is a booster when it comes to the performance.

The SSD boots up the device in just a few seconds. The apps will open and close in record time. You can also switch between apps faster than before.

Windows 8.1 is the operating system here. This is a really usable operating system when you have a touchscreen in place. You can also upgrade to the latest Windows 10 for free for the first year. The new OS is been enjoyed by millions of users ever since its release. So you should like it better if you were a fan of Windows 7.

The battery life is pretty good at about 4 to 5 hours. With a 4K screen to push, the lithium-ion battery pack performs well and give you a good battery life. If you are a gamer who plays for hours, then do yourself a favor by settling near a power socket.

For connectivity, there are USB 3.0 ports that are fast and reliable. There is an HDMI port that can enable you to connect your laptop with a higher end device. There is a media card reader that can come in handy for a lot of users. There is no optical drive, and this might disappoint some without a doubt.

Alienware 15 ANW15-7493SLV Review: Verdict

This gaming laptop from Alienware is not a cheap one by any means. Just with the pricing, we can easily say that it is recommended only for hardcore gamers. With a gorgeous display, high-end CPU and GPU, this can easily take over as your next reliable gaming station. Go for it if you are in need of a new gaming laptop.

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