ASUS F554LA-WS71 Review – Mid-range Laptop!

ASUS F554LA-WS71 Review

In this ASUS F554LA-WS71 review, we are going to discuss this new mid-range laptop from the house of ASUS. This is a competitively priced laptop and has all the specs to become your next notebook.

If you are a mid-range user or even a heavy user who needs a laptop with some power to do some heavy lifting, then read this review till the very end and find out if this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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The design is impressive. The laptop comes with a nice matte finish on the outside and a textured finish on the inside. There is a dedicated keypad for numbers which is handy for a lot of us. The trackpad also is responsive.

There is an HD webcam in the front for making video calls and connecting with friends and family. You can find all the essential ports in the sides where you’ll also find the optical drive. The laptop weighs just around 4.9 pounds which is a lot lighter than other laptops this size. Without a doubt, it is easier to carry around.


The 15.6-inch display comes with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is an HD resolution and though not in line with full HD displays, it still is a very good one. The picture quality is impressive, thanks to the pixel density. There is no touchscreen with this display. But we don’t think of that’s a deal breaker.

The ASUS F554LA-WS71 laptop is powered by an Intel core i7 processor. This i7 5500U is a 5th gen Intel processor that clocks at 2.4GHz. With the help of turbo boost, the processor can be clocked to 3GHz which is a very good clock speed.

This is easily the best Intel chip out there in the market right now. It has some serious power beneath and can run anything you throw at it. Be it Photo and video apps or even virtual machines, this laptop can get it done.

The RAM we have here is an 8GB DDR3 one. For a mid-range laptop, this is a decent memory to work with. You can run a number of applications at the same time and feel no lag at all. People often underestimate how much can be achieved with a memory this size. But you can also upgrade if you need more memory and with a processor like this, it’ll only make things better.

There is a 1TB hard drive for storage. This is big enough for pretty much anyone. The only gripe here is the speed. This hard drive is not the fastest we’ve seen. That doesn’t necessarily mean bad performance, but better speed could have been way better.

ASUS F554LA-WS71 15.6 inch laptop ReviewWindows 8.1 is the operating system in this notebook. That is the latest OS for anyone who wants to stay on the MS ecosystem. You can reserve your free Windows 10 copy as you’ll be a genuine Windows user.

There is no dedicated graphics card for gaming. The integrated graphics is okay for gaming. You can do moderate gaming and run even some high-end games by reducing the settings a bit. However, we can’t recommend this laptop to a hardcore gamer as there is a world of difference.

The battery life is good at around 4 hours. This is mainly due to the resolution of the screen as it is pushing fewer pixels in this case. If you can optimize your usage, you can even get more out of this lithium-ion battery.

There is support for 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. There’s a couple of USB 3.0 ports which are super fast. The DVD drive on the right side might come in very handy depending on your usage.

ASUS F554LA-WS71 Review: Verdict

This is a very good machine for the price. There is no doubt about that. It can do all your heavy lifting without a single sweat, thanks to the Broadwell chip inside. If you are looking for a neat, mid-range laptop that can help you with everything you need, this is it.

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