ASUS MX259H Review – 1080p AH-IPS Monitor!

In this ASUS MX259H review, we‘ll have a good look at this new 25 inch monitor from the house of ASUS. ASUS has produced some outstanding displays in the past and they still are a bit different than other in the monitor market. This model is a fairly high end one that comes at a decent price. If you are interested in a 1080p monitor, then keep reading this review to know more.

The design of this new model is refreshing to be honest. They have made this as an edge to edge display. This is probably the first 25 inch monitor that comes with absolutely no bezels. Even from the sides it looks thin.

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You can find all the buttons at the right bottom. The monitor comes with inbuilt speakers and they are located at the bottom in the sides. All the essential ports can be found at the back and are easily accessible.The stand is getting better and better. At first impressions it might even look like a weak stand. But it is study piece of aluminum that monitor well.


The MX259H is a full high definition monitor that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. They have an AH-IPS panel which is slightly better than the traditional IPS displays and the 178 degree viewing sets the mood for watching movies and playing games with your friends.

Asus MX259H reviewThe display surface is of non-glare type which means too much you will see less reflections which in turn improves the viewing experience. Even when looked from wide angles you might not see a glare which is a great improvement over the previous models.

ASUS has its own contrast ratio and they call it the ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR). The ASUS MX259H comes with an ASCR of 80000000:1. Contrast ratio decides the nature of the color you see. With this contrast ratio, the blacks will be deeper and the whites will be brighter. All the colors you see will be true to life and that is what makes this display very immersive.

The response time of this monitor is 5ms. There are better monitors with 2ms and they are great for gaming. That doesn’t mean this one is bad. 5ms response time is still good and offers you a flicker free picture for viewing. You can enjoy fast movements like in sports, action movies, etc. without missing any frames.

There are 8 preset modes: sRGB Mode, Scenery Mode, Theater Mode, Standard Mode, Night View Mode, Game Mode, Reading Mode and Darkroom Mode. You can select any these modes to match the scenario you’re in and enjoy better viewing.

ASUS sonic master technology which was developed with Bang and Olufsen ICE Power takes care of the audio. Monitor that have in-built speakers usually aren’t known for their audio capabilities. But things are a little better here. However, for a complete sound experience external speakers are necessary.

There are two HDMI ports which hint at multiple device connections. You can connect two devices at the same time and use the monitor with a split screen arrangement or just swap between devices if you wish.

ASUS MX259H Review: Verdict

This new MX259H model from ASUS is a near perfect model. It has a good edge to edge design. It comes with a full HD resolution and it even has an in-built speaker. For the price tag, this is a very good buy from a reputed brand. If you are looking for full HD monitor in the 25-inch size range, go get this one.

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