ASUS PB279Q Review – Awesome UHD Monitor!

ASUS PB279Q review

4K monitors are going to be the norm in the future. With not a lot of content that support 4K, are they important today? Is their presence in the market justified? In this ASUS PB279Q review, we are going to find those answers and see how good this new release from ASUS is.

This 27-inch 4K monitor is geared towards pixel enthusiasts and people who work in an environment that involves colors. The price might be a little steep for someone who doesn’t belong to any of the above categories. If you are looking to upgrade your display to a 4K monitor, then read this review and find out if this display can be next one!

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At first look, all you can see is a very simple design that creates a good impression. The bezels are not too big and will certainly not interfere with the picture. The next thing we should note is the stand. The stand is sturdy and does a good job.

You can adjust the height of the monitor with the help of the stand. You can also tilt the screen to suit your needs. Swiveling is also possible which gives you more options. If you are programmer, then you can pivot and convert this screen into a vertical display that will bring in a lot more real estate.

The monitor also comes with wall-mount capability. You can mount it on the wall if that is what suits you best. At almost 20 pounds, this is not a lightweight monitor by any means. Be super careful if you are planning to move it from one place to another. Overall, it is a decent design that works.

ASUS PB279Q Specs

Boy, there is a lot of numbers to discuss now.

The 27-inch ASUS PB279Q monitor comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels that gives it a very impressive pixel density of 163 pixels per inch. There are more than 8 million pixels that are four times the number of pixels you will find on a full HD display. This leads to a crystal clear picture quality, and you’ll love it.

The viewing angle is also excellent at a 178 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. This is possible, thanks to the IPS panel. Another neat feature is the 100% sRGB wide color gamut that makes the reproduction of colors so natural. This, in addition to the stellar ASUS smart contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1, is responsible for the awesome true-to-life visuals.

ASUS PB279Q 4K/UHD monitorThis monitor is perfect for gamers and creative workers like designers. With a response time of 5ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz (via Display port 1.2), you can have an excellent gaming experience without having to face any motion blur. There is also very little ghosting which is also highly appreciated in the gaming community.

Another interesting set of features is the Pictue-in-picture feature and the Picture-by-picture feature. The PiP feature lets you view content from another 4K/UHD source on top of the current content. The PbP feature allows you to consume four different contents from 4 different 4K sources side by side. This can be great for productivity.

There are eight preset modes that include standard, game and night view modes. These modes can be accessed with the help of a designated hotkey. ASUS eyecare technology reduces flicker as a result of which you can enjoy watching your monitor for a longer period.

For connectivity, there is an HDMI port, display port and a mini display port 1.2. There is also a 3.5mm jack for PC audio input. There is also a couple of 2W speakers that might work well depending on your love for sound. You can also use a kensington lock for added security if necessary.

ASUS PB279Q Review: Verdict 

That brings this ASUS PB279Q review to its end. This is an excellent 4K/UHD monitor that brings a lot of features to the table. You get a gorgeous display and if you are a prosumer/gamer, then you’ll get the best value out of it. Go for it if you are searching for a good 4K monitor.

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