ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-F1-DB Review

ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-F1-DB

In this ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-F1-DB review, we are going to take a good look at the latest 2 in 1 Transformer book from ASUS. This new release doubles up as both a laptop and a tablet. With an affordable pricing, there is a good chance that many will be interested in it. But is it worth it? Ca it replace a regular laptop? Continue reading this review to know more.

The first thing that strikes you is the design. You get a tablet and a keyboard that connects to it via Bluetooth. The build is sturdy and it gives you a good premium feel. The keyboard isn’t the best you’ll use but it certainly adds to the functionality.

One of the biggest advantages in using a hybrid like this is the portability. At 3 pounds this is one of the lightest laptops you’ll carry around. Just connect the keyboard and it’s a full blown laptop. The buttons at the side give a nice feedback when hit. Overall it’s a pretty cool design.


The display is easily of the best features of this hybrid device. The 12.5 inch screen with a full HD resolution will just blow you away with the crispness in the image quality. It is excellent for media consumption and at the same time good for work as well.

The touch sensitivity is good. You will often hit the right spot easily and this is one of the reasons using this as a tablet is a more enjoyable experience. With Windows 8, this touchscreen is a very good thing to have. May be you’ll change your opinion about the OS.

ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-F1-DB Review This model is powered by Intel core M processor which is specially made for mobile devices like this. Though the processor clocks at 0.8GHz normally it can be boosted up to 2GHz with the help of turbo boost.

For mobile devices like this one, this is a neat processor as it is made with a mobile device in mind. The benchmarks are good and with this processor you should be able to run all the applications you want to without any problem.

With 4 gigs of RAM, the memory size is good for a mobile device like this. Many other ultrabooks like the MacBook Air have the same memory and are great devices. You can do a lot of multi tasking without any problem.

With a new processor and a decent memory, the operating speed is just snappy. You can switch between apps faster than before and get things done quicker. This speedy performance should be credited to the processor and the SSD.

For storage you don’t get a conventional hard drive. Instead, we have a flash drive a.k.a. a solid state drive with a capacity of 128GB. This is an excellent choice for a mobile device as it improves the performance by quite a bit.

Yes, there is not a lot of storage space, but you don’t want to hog the storage in a mobile device and slow it down, do you? You do get unlimited ASUS web storage for which can be used for backup depending on your needs.

With an integrated graphics card, gaming is not the best use of this device. You can play browser games without any problems and even some mid range games. But for hardcore gaming, look elsewhere.

The device supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11n wireless standard. There is a micro USB 3.0 port and an HDMI port which can be very handy. The micro SD card reader can be useful as well. With the HD webcam in the front, you can make Skype video calls with your friends and family.

ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-F1-DB Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this analysis of specs and how useful they can be to you. We hope that this ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-F1-DB review gave you a good idea about this 2 in 1 hybrid model. If you need a portable laptop that can be equally good as a tablet, then this is a good option to consider.

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