ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro Review

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro review

ASUS’s Zenbook series is famous among people for its impressive laptop. In this ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro review, we’re going to look at another one in the same series. It comes with a premium price tag and the specs that justify it.

It is aimed at heavy users who need a lot of power for their daily needs. Do these specs work well for your needs? Is the price tag just right or has it been blown up? Stay with us as we answer those questions and find out if this laptop is for you!

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It comes with an aluminum body design and looks premium. When you got to pay this much for a laptop, you expect it to look good, and it is true in this case. It has got the classic ASUS styling on the lid and a MacBook-like look on the sides. Overall look wise, this one ticks all the boxes.

When you open the laptop, you can see a full keyboard and a trackpad. This is a backlit keyboard that provides a good typing experience. The trackpad is also pretty neat and is responsive as well. There is also an HD camera in the that enables you to make video calls.

With measurements of 10 x 15.10 x 0.80 inches, this laptop won’t take a lot of your space. It weighs just around 5 pounds which is comparatively lighter than most other laptops in the same category. So if you are looking for portability, this one can give you that as well.

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro Specs

The screen here is a gorgeous display. It is a 15.6-inch 4K display that comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. We do think that 4K is kind of overkill for a 15.6-inch laptop, but boy it looks great. It takes a crispy display to a whole new level and once you get on this train there is no going back.

This display is perfect for almost anything. If you want to work, it will do great as the widescreen provides both clarity and the real estate you need for work. This display is also great for consuming media and playing games. So you are well taken care of in the entertainment zone.

To run a 4K display, you need lots of power. The Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor provides just that. The ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro laptop is not short of any power, thanks to this 4th Gen Intel chip. This is one of the best processors in the Haswell generation, and it shows.

You can run any application with this processor. There are benchmarks on the internet that confirm the same. Whether you are a serious worker or a hardcore gamer, this notebook will welcome you with a lot of power.

The memory department is well equipped with 16 gigs of DDR3 memory. This compliments the processor in a nice way and brings balance in the performance area. You can multitask the hell out of your laptop, and nice have excellent speed about things.

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro 15.6-inch 4K laptopHow awesome will it be to have a lot of tabs in your Chrome browser? Well, this RAM can accommodate that. For most of us, this is more than what we will use. So can’t complain anything as far as the memory is concerned.

This won’t be a complete review unless we talk about the GPU. You get a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB RAM of DDR5. This is a pretty decent graphics card and can help you with a lot of high-end gaming. You can play some of the best titles out there without skipping a frame. So if you are a heavy user who also happens to play games, then this laptop might be just right for you.

The ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) laptop comes with a 500GB solid state drive. This makes this laptop super fast. We know are telling pros in a way that this looks mostly like a biased review, but it’s there guys. With booting in seconds, opening and closing of apps in a breeze, this one keeps the performance in check.

The notebook comes with Windows 10 installed in the SSD. This is the latest and the greatest in the Windows ecosystem. You get a number of new features that work well and the hate there was on the previous versions are also gone. So you can’t go that wrong with this OS in charge.

If you want to talk about cons, there are very few. You don’t get a touchscreen with this laptop. Yes, there is a 4K display but if a touchscreen is more important to you than a UHD screen, then you’ll be disappointed.

The battery life is another concern. ASUS promises a battery life of 6 hours. With mild work, a user has achieved only 4.5 hours. So with regular usage, it might be even lesser with a 4K screen to power. These are some cons no doubt, but the pros clearly outweigh the cons.

Connectivity is a crucial thing these days. There is support for both Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi connectivity. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports that do a brilliant job when it comes to data transfer and external connectivity. For optical drive enthusiasts, there is no good news sadly.

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro Review: Verdict

This laptop is a premium device, both in terms of specs and price. The good thing is the specs justify the price. The excellent 4K display will stand in the future if you are planning to use this as a media consumption device. It also plays fine with the gamer/heavy user also. If you are one of them, this laptop is a sound investment.

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