BenQ EW2750ZL Review – Near Bezel-less 1080p Monitor!

BenQ EW2750ZL review

BenQ has manufactured many excellent monitors in the past. Be it gaming monitors or displays for everyday use, they have mastered the art. In this BenQ EW2750ZL review, we are going to review yet another release from the same company. This time, it is a 27-inch model that comes with quite a few features that might surprise you.

If you are looking to upgrade your current monitor or searching for a brand new monitor, then this is a model you should be interested in. Stick with us as we dissect this new display and tell you if this is the real deal or not. Read on.

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The design is one of the best points of this new monitor. The monitor comes with an edge-to-edge slim bezel design that is near perfect if you are not a fan of the bezels. This allows you to enjoy your favorite media without any interruptions from the bezels.

There are no buttons on the front as they have maintained a minimalistic design throughout. The stand here is made of aluminum and holds the monitor well. You can find all the ports at the back, and they are easy to reach as well. Overall, there is nothing special about the design, but they do tick all the basic boxes.

BenQ EW2750ZL Specs and Features

To start with the simple stuff, this is a 27-inch monitor with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a VA panel and not an IPS or a TN panel. The monitor comes with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 that makes it suitable for media consumption.

Though we only have a VA panel inside, it has excellent viewing angles. The viewing angles, both vertically and horizontally, are 178 degrees which is impressive. This allows you to have a clear view from anywhere in your room. Great, if you are planning to have friends over.

The BenQ EW2750ZL has a response time of 4ms. This is not bad considering the fact that they have not advertised this as a gaming monitor. This response time is pretty decent for a monitor in this price range and does a neat job.

BenQ EW2750ZL full HD monitorNow, let’s talk about some features this display brings to the picture.

You can now connect your smartphone to this monitor and stream everything on your mobile screen with this MHL connection. You can use this connection to watch videos, play games, browse your favorite websites, and even go through documents. Be sure to check whether your phone is in the list of MHL-certified devices.

Super resolution is another cool feature. This feature boosts the pixel density of the original sources and simulates high-resolution images. This is perfect for achieving an optimal viewing experience, especially when you are online.

There is also a cinema mode that improves the video content leading to a better output.

One of the more useful features is the flicker free backlighting. If you are someone who sits in front of the monitor for a long time, this is of more concern to you. A conventional screen with flicker a lot and this can damage your eyes. This is not the case in this monitor as flickering is eliminated.

You can also control the blue light emission from the monitor. There are four preset modes that change the blue light emission for multimedia (30% reduction), web surfing (50% reduction), office (60% reduction), and reading (70% reduction). This can also prevent unnecessary eye damage from the harmful blue light emitted from the screen.

BenQ EW2750ZL Review: Verdict

This BenQ EW2750ZL review briefed you about the features and specs of this new monitor. It is not without cons, but the pros clearly outweigh them. This is a neat 1080p monitor and works as advertised. If you are looking for an affordable and a bezel-free full HD monitor that can help you with your needs, get this one. Highly recommended.

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