BenQ GW2470H Review – 23.8-inch 1080p Monitor

BenQ GW2470H review

In this BenQ GW2470H review, we are going to take a complete look at this new 23.8-inch Monitor from BenQ that comes with VA panels as opposed to TN and IPS ones. There are certain advantages for going over this route, but let’s talk about that later.

This monitor is aimed at pretty much everyone. If you are looking to get yourself a good-sized monitor, then this BenQ monitor is a contender for sure. This can also be a good choice if you are setting up a gaming station in a budget. Let’s move to the full review of this display.

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BenQ goes with a very minimalistic design with this monitor, and it looks great. The design is clean, and there is no element that sticks out and says that I’m unique. If you are looking for a distraction-free display, this one is now leading that race.

They have done a lot of work on the stand. The stand is sturdy as you would expect and comes in a T-shape with a hairline finish. It is adorned by a glossy, black embellishment that looks elegant. As for its purpose, the stand does a great job holding the monitor. It is a pity that you can’t adjust the height or swivel this thing around.

BenQ GW2470H Specs and Features

This is a 23.8-inch full HD monitor and by that it comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This might be old school to some, but at this price range this is ane excellent resolution to stick with. The picture quality is crisp, and you can’t ask for more. BenQ does well in this department.

The feature that marks this model is that it uses VA panels instead of IPS and TN panels. VA panels were made with one thing in mind, to get the best of both IPS and TN panels. The contrast ratio with this panel is a lot better than both. It is 3000:1, to be precise, and produces some really deep blacks and bright whites.

The aspect ratio of 16:9 and a viewing angle of 178 degrees (both vertical and horizontal) makes this monitor perfect for consuming media. You can watch Full HD movies, TV series, and other media without any image distortion. The picture can also get pretty bright as the maximum brightness supported is 250cd/m2.

The BenQ GW2470H model supports 72% NTSC color gamut. This means there is a decent level of accuracy when it comes to color reproduction. If you are someone who works on photos and videos, this might come in handy. The response time is also impressive at just 4ms, and this could be helpful in eliminating motion blur.

BenQ GW2470H monitorOne of the well-thought features in this monitor is the flicker-free technology. A typical screen will flicker a lot. Even though you can’t see them, your eyes will take a toll by just feeling them. With the flicker-free technology here, your eyes are safer, and you are guaranteed a better viewing experience.

There are four preset blue light modes (Multimedia – 30%, Web browsing – 50%, Office – 60%, Reading – 70%) in the BenQ GW2470H monitor. By selecting the desired mode, you can reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the display. If you sit in front of the monitor for hours, this feature will save your eyes from long lasting damage.

There is the HDMI high-speed media interface that makes connectivity a lot easier. You can connect not only PCs and laptop but also entertainment systems like game consoles and DVD players. The monitor also comes with Windows 10 support so you can just plug and play without searching for any drivers.

BenQ GW2470H Review: Verdict

This BenQ GW2470H review outlines the best and the not-so-good features of this monitor. The pros clearly outweigh the cons in this case. If you are on the search for a classy looking, 1080p monitor that doesn’t cost much, look nowhere else.

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