Dell i5568-7477GRY Review

Dell i5568-7477GRY review

This Dell i5568-7477GRY review is here to help you and clear your doubts regarding this new laptop from Dell.

If you’re looking for a device that has many functions and offers the high performance you crave, then the Dell i5568-7477GRY might just be a good option for you. This Dell contains a nice set of components, such as a real solid-state drive and the Core i7 processor.

With a price tag of a little under $825, is this laptop worth the cost? Before we recommend this Dell notebook to you, we feel the need to tell you all about it. Then, in the end, you will be the one that determines if this laptop has everything you need.

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If you’re looking for a compact and slim laptop for study, travel, or work, you’ll be happy with the design of this beautiful laptop. This laptop is light and slim – it only weighs 4.5 pounds. When you put it in tablet mode, it has a big display.

The Dell works in two ways – laptop and tablet mode. The 15.6-inch touchscreen display has a special hinge that is capable of rotating 360 degrees – a regular laptops’ hinge can only rotate 180 degrees. When you lay the screen flat, you will have what looks like a tablet.

Dell i5568-7477GRY laptopDell i5568-7477GRY Specs

This Dell has a 15.6-inch touchscreen display with a nice resolution of 1920×1080. If moving watching just so happens to be a hobby of yours, then this would be a good laptop. It also comes with a 720p webcam on the bezel, which is perfect for Skype video chatting with your family and friends.

With the Dell i5568-7477GRY, you’re not going to have to worry much about performance. This is because the laptop comes equipped with Intel Core i6-6500U processors. This is a fast dual-core low-voltage unit that has a clock speed of 2.5GHz and with turbo, you have a clock speed of 3.1GHz. In terms of performance, this is one of the best notebooks processors.

Add in the 16Gb DDR4 memory and no program will be able to stop you. Right now, we can’t think of any programs that would be capable of lagging this system.

The storage drive is another good thing about this laptop. The storage drive is a nice 256GB SATA 3 SSD.

There is, however, a downfall for this laptop if you’re a gamer – it’s not going to be your dream come true due to the fact that it is lacking dedicated graphics. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with the integrated Intel HD 520, which does have the capabilities of running many games, but it’s not going to be with amazing frame rates on high settings.

For example, many people who like GTA5 may be disappointed because, with the settings on low or medium and 720p resolution, you will get around 30 frames per second. This isn’t very good, but for some, it’s alright. You’re in luck if you like older games, such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft because those will run better.

As for the battery, it has a 3-cell 42Whr battery installed – this is not removable. With it, you should expect up to 6 hours of operating time. But with more heavy usage, the battery life will come down.

This laptop doesn’t have a DVD drive. It does have a 3-in-1 media card reader that is capable of handling SD formats.

As far as the ports, you have a total of three USBs – one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. For a video connection, you have an HDMI report, which will allow you to connect PC display to it. It doesn’t have an RJ-45 jack for networking cable, but that’s okay because it does have a WiFi adapter installed in it. The Dell i5568-7477GRY supports the 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0.

Windows 10 Home comes pre-installed on the laptop. The laptop also has a backlit keyboard so that you can see when you’re typing in the dark.

Dell i5568-7477GRY Review: Verdict

If you are a power user that uses software like programming environments and video editors, then the Dell i5568-7477GRY laptop would be a viable option. This laptop is fully capable of taking care of those heavyweight applications, but on the same note, it will struggle with the latest game, because it lacks in the graphics card area. As for the two-in-one functionality, that is a big deal to many people – if you’re looking for a powerful laptop and tablet all in one package and you have the money, then we highly recommend this Dell laptop.

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