Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK Review

Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK review

In this Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK review, we are going to look at this new release from Dell that targets light and very casual users. It comes with a very cheap price tag, and that means with limited needs, you can’t go wrong with this one.

If you are looking for a simple computer that will take care of your everyday chores, then this desktop is something you should be interested in. Join us as well go through the fine details of this new desktop and see if this PC is worth investing your money.

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The design is different from other Dell machines we have seen in the past. This desktop tower is a lot slimmer and looks very good on the first impression. To makes things better, Dell has also included a couple of USB 3.0 ports, a media card reader, and also an optical drive in the front. This arrangement of ports is perfect for accessibility.

There is a grill at the bottom which happens to be the speaker outlet. The audio output is decent, but if you want something serious this is not it. There is space for ventilation on the left side and that should come in handy to keep things cool.

The desktop weighs just around 8.7 pounds. This is very light in the desktop class and makes it easy to move around if you are someone who does that. Overall, a pretty good refresh in the design department.

Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK Specs

This is a light desktop, and it doesn’t come with a display. Check out our monitor reviews and select something simple if you don’t have one at your disposal right now.

The Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK is powered by an Intel Pentium processor. The Intel Pentium N3700 processor is a quad-core processor with a clocking frequency of up to 2.4GHz. It also has a 2MB cache that can be helpful in running small apps.

With this processor, you can run your everyday applications without any problem. Checking your social media accounts, browsing your favorite websites, and other simple stuff can be done without any hiccups in the performance side of things.

There are only four gigs of DDR3 1600MHz RAM for memory here. This memory is okay in this case, as this is just a light computer. You can still do a lot of multitasking without having to worry about slowing things down. Working on your school project while listening to music is just one out of many things you can achieve.

Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK desktop computerYou also have the freedom to upgrade the memory as you are dealing with a desktop here. So if you think you don’t have enough memory, just open it up and upgrade the RAM.

For storage, you get a 500GB 3.5-inch Serial ATA 7200RPM hard drive. It is a lot of space in an entry-level desktop and in all honesty, this should be enough for you to store all your work, songs, videos and other stuff.

The Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK model comes with Windows 10 pre-installed in the HDD. This is an excellent operating system for any kind of user. Whether you are a student, a businessman, or even just a simple user, this OS will cater to your needs efficiently.

There is also an HDMI port on the back. This means you can connect this desktop to a high-end display and make this your ultimate multimedia device.

Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK Review: Verdict

Overall, the Dell Inspiron i3252-6550BLK is a light, entry-level desktop computer that does what it does. There are no over-the-top promises. There are no bells and whistles. It is a simple computer for the light user in you. Go for it, if you are a light user and have a limited budget.

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