Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY Review

Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY review

Welcome to this Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY review.

There are so many different laptops available on the market, making it hard to choose the best one that will be sure to fit your needs. One that may fit your needs is the Dell Inspiron 15565-5850GRY. However, before we recommend it to you, we believe it is only fair that we tell you about it so that you can determine if it is the right laptop for you or not.

With a price tag of under $650, it’s probably going to surprise you that something like this has quite a few bells and whistles in it. However, are those bells and whistles good enough for you? Is this Dell laptop capable of doing everything you need to do? Let’s not waste any more time in finding out.

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This laptop is pretty stylish, like most Dell laptops and has a backlit keyboard. It has the classic grey shell and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Meaning, when you touch it, it doesn’t feel as if it’s going to fall apart. However, we don’t recommend tossing it around or anything like that.

The 10-digit numeric keypad is a big hit as many need this in order to easily navigate through spreadsheets or documents and crunch numbers quickly. The screen size is 15.6” and it’s Full HD display. You can also touch the screen in order to swipe through Windows 10.

Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY Specs

With the 15.6 inch LED Backlit On-cell Touch Display with truelife and FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080, you will have the power to watch movies, work, and game as much as you can. Is it really capable of playing games? This Dell Inspiron features what is called a dual graphics card, the AMD Radeon R8 M455DX. It’s the combination of integrated Radeon R5 and Radeon R7 that delivers better gaming performance.

While it’s much faster than most of the integrated units, such as the Intel HD series, you can’t expect to be able to play top rated games on max. However, here’s the good news – on low to medium settings, Battlefield 4 and GTA 5 will run smooth.

Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY laptopThe processor side of things is great. You have the AMD FX-9800P (that’s from 2016) powering this system – this is a quad-core processor and had 3.6GHz clock speed. When comparing it to other well-known processors, it comes close to having the same performance as Intel Core i7-6500U. In other words, you’re looking at a decent CPU as it’s sufficient for both power and casual users.

As far as the memory plays out, there’s no complaints here. You have a whole 16GB of the fast DDR4 2400MHz installed.

Storage and Connectivity

The storage section may be the downfall of this laptop. It only has one terabyte 5400RPM Sata 3 hard drive, which some may refer to as a blast from the past. However, there’s nothing that is stopping you from turning around and upgrading to the modern solid-state drive. Just make sure you choose one that is 2.5 inches that is capable of connecting to SATA 3 interface.

Looking at the ports selection on this Dell laptop, you will find that those are fairly basic. You have three USB ports available for your peripherals. Two of those are USB 3.0 and the other one is USB 2.0.  If you like, you can also connect an external PC monitor or HDTV due to the HDMI output that is available on this laptop.

As far as the wired network goes, this Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY consists of a 100Mbps RJ-45 port, which is slower, however, for Internet purposes, you’re not going to notice a difference – only when it comes for local area networks (LAN). It also has a wireless card, which supports 802.11ac WiFi dual-band standard and we cannot forget to mention Bluetooth 4.0!

This laptop has an optical drive, and indeed, a DVD burner. It also has one SD card slot and accepts SDHC, SD and SDXC cards. For Skype video sessions, the front-facing 720p webcam will come in handy.

It has an integrated 2-cell 42Whr battery – this laptop give about 5 hours on a single charge. Battery life, though, will depend on the user’s usage.

Dell Inspiron i5565-5850GRY Review: Verdict

The Dell Inspiron 15565-5850GRY laptop is a pretty big hit. There’s the quad-core AMD processor and don’t forget about the 16GB memory speeding the system up – this has got to be something a power user would appreciate.

The dual graphics card cannot be overlooked, because it allows for some gaming, that is, if you don’t mind setting your graphics low. Full HD display is great to have, but is quite evident for this price. At a decent price-performance ratio, this laptop would be suitable for power hungry people.

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