Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY Review

Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY review

Welcome to this Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY review.

Not too long ago, a friend of ours came to us asking what the best laptop was. That question is hard to ask, because what is “the best” for one person may not be “the best” for another person. Of all things, laptops certainly weren’t created equal. While doing research for a good laptop that would fit the needs of our friend, we came across the Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY. If you’re currently in the market for a new laptop, then this Dell may be a viable candidate for you.

With a price tag that can be called as a budget one, this laptop is expected to have some pretty good features. These features might just make you want to buy it. But are these features everything you need in a laptop? Let’s find out in the rest of this Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY review.

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The Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY is a nice 2-in-1 laptop with a sleek looking design. The design is focused more on the screen than on the bezel (there’s less bezel). For this reason, your attention will be placed straight forward into the wide-angle display.

The display for perfect for media consumption. You can have a great time watching HD movies and video songs. If you love media consumption, this display is your new friend.

The 360 hinge makes for four modes that you can use to suit your environment. Our personal favourite is tent mode, which you can use in shallow footprint spaces such as the kitchen counter. However, stand mode and laptop mode are also cool and handy as well.

Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY 2-in-1 laptopDell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY Specs

This laptop has a touchscreen that is 15.6 inches diagonal, giving you a total of 1920 x 1080 resolution. The display can transform into a tablet as mentioned before. This is an IPS screen, so it offers a 160 degree viewing angle. This is awesome if you have friends alongside you.

It contains a webcam, which is located at the top of the bezel. The webcam is capable of capturing 720p video at 30 frames per second. It’s not an “amazing” webcam, but it can do its job just fine.

This notebook contains 8GB of memory, making it perfect for multitasking. It comes with one stick and there is another slot on the mainboard that is open, so if you would like to install an extra stick, you can get the memory up to 16GB.

The best thing about the Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY would be the processor. This is from the 7th generation – the Core i5-7200U. In case you’re wondering, it has a CPU Mark score of 4800.  The interesting specs in this laptop would be the dual-core configuration. It has  a base clock speed of 2.5GHz and when turbo is activated, the clock speed comes to 3.1GHz.

There’s more…

The storage isn’t exactly amazing, but it’s okay. The storage in this laptop comes to you by the 1TB 5400RPM. In all honesty, it’s a true “blast from the past” type of hard drive. The HDD isn’t as fast as the solid-state drive. However, there’s a bright side to the story – you can remove this drive and put an SSD in its place.

We’re not sure why, but there’s no optical drive installed in this laptop. However, if you really need one, you can purchase one. You can also put the SD card slot to use.

This laptop isn’t a gamers dream as it has Intel HD 620 graphics. You can try some new games, but you should keep the settings at bay. When you play Grand Theft Auto, you’ll get around 30fps. However, games such as Minecraft would be possible to run like a dream.

As far as the ports go, this laptop has one USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port. There’s also HDMI output, so you can connect an external monitor to your laptop. You cannot connect to the Internet via cable, because this laptop doesn’t contain an RJ-45 adapter. However, it does contain an 802.11ac dual-band WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 card, so you can connect wirelessly.

Looking at the battery life, it’s pretty average, but it’s enough to keep you busy. The Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY has a 3-cell 42Whr battery installed in it, so you can expect up to 5 hours on a single charge. You can, however, increase the battery life by dimming the screen and optimizing your usage.

Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY Review: Verdict

For those of you that are looking for a good laptop for multitasking and you’re not that big on gaming, the Dell Inspiron i5578-2451GRY is a pretty good option for you. It has a big hard drive, 8GB of RAM (can get up to 16GB of RAM) and the 2-in-1 feature makes it pretty cool. So go for it, if you are looking to get yourself a power-packed 2-in-1 laptop.

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