Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV Review

Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV review

Dell is in the mood for convertible laptops. We’ve seen so many releases in the recent time, and this one falls in the same category as well. This Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV review is going to touch the best and the worst parts of this new convertible 13.3-inch laptop from Dell.

The laptop is mainly targeted at people who dig the convertible laptop line and also at those who need a powerful device with them all the time. If you are someone who travels a lot and need your work with you, this should be of interest to you. Let’s find out how good of a product this actually is.

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The laptop comes with a simple design that makes it easy to switch it into a tablet at any given time. The hinges are smooth and so is the transition. This is a very compact device, and it shows. You can carry this thing along with you to almost anywhere. The total weight of 3.7 pounds definitely helps in this cause.

The keyboard and the trackpad are standard ones, and the quality is something you would expect in a Dell notebook. There is an HD webcam on the front that help you connect with your friends, family and even clients through video calls. Overall, this is a compact 2-in-1 that comes with a solid build and design.

Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV Specs

The 13.3-inch Full HD Trulife screen is one of the best in this size category. This is an IPS display, and it gives you excellent, wide viewing angles to work with. If you are planning on giving a presentation on the go, this will come in very handy. The picture quality is also something to beat, and you will enjoy consuming media on this thing.

The touch sensitivity is neat. In the tablet mode and tent mode, your finger is the only input and lag will ruin all the fun. But luckily, the touch input is very responsive. With Windows 10 as the operating system, you will have a good time with the touchscreen controls.

The processor that runs this Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV laptop is an Intel Core i5 chip. This Intel Core i5 6200U is a dual-core processor that comes with a 2.3GHz clock speed. This chip has a CPU Mark score of 3913 which is pretty decent for a mid-range SoC.

You can run mid-range and even high-end applications without any problems.  This is a very good chip, and the performance reflects it. This laptop is not meant to be a workstation and for something like that, this processor packs enough power.

Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV convertible laptopThe memory department is filled with 8 gigs of DDR3 SD RAM. If you are a multitasker, this memory will come in very handy. You can do more at the same time simultaneously, and this is great for improving your workflow and productivity.

For storage, you get a solid state hybrid drive that comes with 500GB of normal storage and 8 gigs of SSD storage. This storage is not as fast as the actual SSDs, but definitely better than having just regular hard drives. The SSHD also comes with Windows 10 installed. This is the latest OS in the Windows ecosystem, and the new features should keep you busy for some time.

The integrated graphics card in the Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV laptop allows you to do some decent gaming. Though Skylake processors come with improved graphics, it still doesn’t match the performance of discrete graphics cards. On that note, let’s conclude this part by saying that you will be able to play most of the mid-range and some high-end games.

Battery life is crucial for people these days. Notebooks like the MacBook Air have upped the standards by quite a bit. With light usage, you might get around 7 hours of battery life which is impressive from a Dell laptop. With regular usage, you might get lucky at around 4 to 5 hours maximum.

Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV Review: The Verdict

The Dell Inspiron i7359-4371SLV is a convertible laptop from Dell that is more affordable. It is compact and comes with some powerful hardware. If you are in the market for an upper mid-range convertible laptop, this is a good choice.

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