Dell S2316M Review – Sweet 23-inch Monitor!

Dell S2316M review

The new Dell S2316M is the latest 23-inch monitor on the block. It comes with an impressive pricing and is targeted at people who are looking for a decent-sized monitor for their desktop. It does have a number features packed in to provide a good user experience.

Are you looking for a monitor like this? Then you should read this complete Dell S2316M review. Join us as we talk about every nitty gritty feature in this monitor and figure out if this display is worth the price tag!

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The first impression of this monitor is wow. It comes with a simple design that is minimalistic and at the same time screams premium. The black piano finish (as Dell calls it) gives the monitor a rich look. The bezels are also pretty thin for a modern day monitor, and that is great for media consumption.

The stand is sturdy, and you can tilt the stand to get the position that is comfortable for you. Sadly, you don’t get other features like swivel or pivot which is okay at this price point. Overall, this is a neat design that looks sleek and premium.

Dell S2316M Specs and Features

The picture quality is the most important thing in any monitor. Here we have a 23-inch full HD display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The picture quality is excellent and is what you would expect in a monitor in this price range. There is a decent level of color accuracy, and the thin bezels make this perfect for media consumption as well.

The monitor comes with an anti-glare coating. This reduces glare when looked from the sides. This is also an IPS display meaning you will see the same picture from any angle. The viewing angles are that good. Sometimes you get the feeling the anti-glare coating might have been a little overdone, but that’s not a big concern.

Dell S2316M monitorLet’s get into some important specs. The monitor has a maximum brightness of 250cd/m2. Yes, there are brighter displays in the market, but this isn’t bad by any means. The refresh rate here is 60Hz, and that is perfect for a monitor in this price range.

The response time is 6ms (gray to gray). This is not great as we’ve seen monitors with a response time of 4ms and below. This is not to say that there are issues like motion blur in this monitor. You don’t notice them, but things could have been a little better in this department.

There are a DVI and a VGA port at the back. This should be enough to connect your desktop PC to this display. What is missing here is an HDMI port that could have been a lot more useful. With all the things you can do wth HDMI ports these days, it is a real disappointment in this case.

If you are an eco-friendly guy or girl, this monitor covers you. It meets like latest environmental and regulatory standards like ENERGY STAR, Quality EPEAT Silver Rating, CECP certified and TCO-certified displays. All these certifications help this Dell S2316M model to leave a reduced footprint on the environment which is great.

Dell S2316M Review: The Verdict

That brings us to the end of this Dell S2316M review. This is a monitor that comes with all the essential features and is an absolute value for money. If you are looking for a 23-inch full HD monitor that is also affordable, look no further.

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