Dell XPS8910-23420BLK Review

Dell XPS8910-23420BLK review

We are living in a world of portable computers. But there is always a demand for a classic desktop. If you were looking for a desktop then we have to say that you’ve reached the right Dell XPS8910-23420BLK review, we are going to expose this new desktop from Dell.

This new desktop is one hell of a computer. It comes with excellent specs and the price is also a premium. But what do you expect from this computer? Are the beefy specs alone good enough for you? Or do you have something else in mind? Well, let’s get into this review and see how this thing can help you!

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There is nothing that groundbreaking when it comes to the design of this Dell XPS8910-23420BLK desktop. It comes in a classic tower style model. The finish on this thing is a glossy black and looks stunning. One of the advantages with this kind of a color is that it is super stealthy. It will also fit anywhere in your room. You can also move it easily as it doesn’t weigh a lot.

You get quite a number of ports on the front face of this desktop. To the right of the power button, there is an SD card slot, followed by 4 USB 3.0 ports. The backside is also full of ports. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports, a single USB C port, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and also an Ethernet port. If this can’t satisfy you in the I/O department, we are pretty sure that nothing else will.

Dell XPS8910-23420BLK desktopDell XPS8910-23420BLK Specs

Specs are everything for a desktop computer. And believe us, this thing is brilliant when it comes to those. The Dell XPS8910-23420BLK is powered by an Intel Core i7-6700K processor. This processor belongs to the 7th generation of Intel chips and is one of the latest ones you can find.

It comes with a clock speed of 4.2GHz which is a lot of power to deal with. The cooling inside is decent and should take care of the heating issues. With this much power, you should be able to handle your everyday work even if you are a power hungry user. For light and mid-range users, it’ll just blow through your day.

The memory department is filled with 24 gigs of 2133MHz DDR4 RAM. This is a lot of memory and will surely come in handy if you in the creative space like producing videos. For other stuff like running virtual machines, this memory will work just fine.

The desktop supports memory up to 64GB.So when you know you’re having a memory issue, slap some sticks and you are good to go.

Gaming and other stuff…

The Dell XPS8910-23420BLK comes with a Nvidia GeForce 960 graphics card. This GPU has a dedicated memory of 2GB which is not that much, to be honest. This is not a hardcore gaming PC. But when it comes to gaming, you can run some high-end without any issues. In fact, most of the games will run fine if you are willing to mess with the settings a bit.

The GPU also comes in handy for other stuff like photo and video editing. If you are a creative professional, then a lot of what you do requires GPU power. In this case, you are covered by one of the best GPUs on the market.

The storage space in the Dell XPS8910-23420BLK is made up of a 2TB SATA hard drive. This is a lot of space to play with and you will take a lot of time to fill this bad boy up. The best thing about this storage is that it is not alone.

This SATA drive is complimented by a solid state drive. This SSD has a capacity of 256GB and this whole setup acts like a fusion drive. Any data you write will be written on the SATA drive. The frequently used files will rest on the SSD part. As a result of this, all the file you access the most will open swiftly. The operating system is also on the SSD, so booting up takes only a few seconds.

There is also a Bluray drive which can come in handy as well.

One of the gripes in this setup is that there is no monitor. We can gladly let you go through our monitor section so that you can pick something that suits your needs. The only advice from us is to pick up a monitor that supports touch as Windows 10 is a touch-optimized operating system.

Dell XPS8910-23420BLK Review: Verdict

We hope this Dell XPS8910-23420BLK review gave all the information you were looking for. This Dell desktop is a beast as the spec sheet says. It is on the pricier side, but if you are a heavy user who can use all this power, then it is only a worthy investment. Go for it if you have the need for this much power.

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