Dell XPS8910-9020BLK Review

Dell XPS8910-9020BLK review

Looking for a new desktop computer can be a daunting task, even more so if you’re not up to date with the tech lingo in today’s world. Today, we are going to introduce you to the Dell XPS8910-9020BLK, which seems like a great option for most people. Would this be a legit option for you?

At the time of writing this review, the desktop had an expensive price tag. With a price tag like that, you can expect some exciting features strapped to this desktop PC. However, are those features exciting enough to make you want to buy it? Let’s not waste any more time and jump into this Dell XPS8910-9020BLK review.

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Honestly, when you put this computer in your office, due to the small size and matte black color, you’re probably not even going to notice it siting there. This Dell XPS8910-9020BLK comes assembled and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

Not only does this desktop look amazing, it was designed to be both strong and silent. Even when it’s at full load, it stays as quiet as a whisper in the dark. Don’t worry, it stays cool – it has thermally controlled fans.

Dell made sure they built this desktop so that noise is never a distraction. On the side, you’ll find vents – those vents are there in order to capture air and send it across the graphics card and CPU with a separate airflow path cooling the power supply unit. All the system components are kept cool, even when a power hungry user is using it.

Dell XPS8910-9020BLK Specs

Dell XPS8910-9020BLK desktopThis computer is powered by an Intel Core i7-6700 – this is one of the fastest processors to date in a desktop. The CPU Mark score is nesting at around 10000. It is running on a total of four cores and has the base frequency of a nice 3.4GHz. When the turbo is turned on, it clocks in at 4.0GHz. With a 65W TDP (thermal design power), this desktop computer isn’t an energy efficient model. However, this shouldn’t be a big concern to you, because you won’t be able to notice much of a difference.

As far as the memory amount goes, it is excellent – in this desktop, you have 16GB – one DDR4 2133MHz stick. This desktop also has four memory slots open on this motherboard, making for a maximum of 64GB worth of RAM – if you upgraded to 64GB of RAM, you would have a major beast.

Looking at the storage in this desktop, that is another feature that is going to amaze you. The default storage here is 2TB 7200RPM, and it uses the SATA 3 interface. With a hard drive like this, you’re never going to run out of space – it would take a lot if you did. However, the performance may be a slight issue – if you want better performance (a faster hard drive), then you can easily switch to a solid-state drive.

But if you want better performance you may put in a solid-state drive. The specifications say there is one M.2 slot free so installing SSD to that is possible. Also, two unused 3.5″ bays reside in the case, so putting drives to them is possible as well.

Other important stuff…

If you’re a gamer, you’re probably wondering if this machine is capable of running games. If you know about computers and have read about the specs already, you may already know the answer to that.

This computer has a dedicated video card called GeForce GTX 750Ti with 2GB GDDR5 memory. It’s faster than any integrated chip out there, but it isn’t really in the same league as the GTX 960 or the GTX 760. So, it’s a low end dedicated card, but that’s fine because it is still suitable for Full HD gaming. Take Battlefield 4 as an example, it can run it at 50FPS. If you wish, you can upgrade the card, but remember that SLI isn’t supported with this one.

Looking at the connectivity, you have a lot of USB ports – a total of eleven to be exact. Seven of them are USB 3.0, while two of those are USB 2.0. You also have USB 3.1 Type A and C ports. We can’t imagine using all of those port at one time.

It seems as if the graphics card has two DVI and one HDMI port, so connecting three monitors to run all at one time is possible.

Through the Gigabit RJ-45 port, you can get Internet connectivity. It also comes with a WiFi card equipped. A DVD burner is included and the desktop has a nice media card reader (SDHC, SD, SDXC supported).

Dell XPS8910-9020BLK Review: Verdict

The Dell XPS8910-9020BLK really is a heavy-duty desktop. All over the engine, you’re going to find powerful components – from the i7 processor to the dedicated GTX 750 Ti graphics and the huge hard drive, gaming is a real possibility with this desktop. If you’re looking for a powerful machine, this Dell is a good option for you.

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