Dell XPS9360-7336SLV Review

Dell XPS9360-7336SLV review

Hey there and welcome to this Dell XPS9360-7336SLV review!

Are you currently looking for a laptop? If so, you might be interested in the Dell XPS9360-7336SLV that we just so happened to stumble across not too long ago. Before you purchase this laptop, however, we feel that you should first take the time to read about it in order to determine if it has everything you need. In this particular review, we’re going to put this Dell laptop under a microscope.

With a price tag of a little under $1,900, one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that this laptop better have some extra bells and whistles attached to it. Surely, it does have a lot of features, but are those features everything you need? Are they enough to get you by? Let’s not waste any more time – it’s time to learn all about this Dell XPS9360-7336SLV.

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The design, needless to say, is very appealing, with its 13.3-inch display and all of its components packed in an 11-inch size laptop. Being that it is only 11-inches, it has been placed amongst the smaller laptops in the world. The XPS 13 has a unique borderless InfinityEdge display, having only a 5.2 mm bezel running along both sides and the top.

This laptop appears to be very well built and durable. The lid and base have been created from a block of aluminum, offering extreme rigidity. The 13-inch display is made of Gorilla glass, for durability.

The touchscreen comes in handy and the back-lit keyboard has a nice tactile feel to it – it’s set in a carbon fiber frame, making the laptop lightweight, only weight in at 2.8 pounds.

Dell XPS9360-7336SLV laptopDell XPS9360-7336SLV Specs

The display in this laptop is a 13.3-inch one, offering 3200 x 1800 pixels – it is great for watching your favorite media, be it TV series, Netflix, or even other stuff!

Once you hit the “On” button, this laptop takes 14 seconds to start working, which is pretty fast for a laptop. This is due to a Toshiba Solid State drive and, of course, Windows 10. The Solid State Drive has 512 GB of storage, which is enough for a laptop.

We also feel we need to mention the fact that this laptop is extremely quiet, even when it’s running at full power. You can use this laptop to run a music production board, without having to worry about the laptop adding background noise.

Responsible for powering this laptop, you have the Intel Core i7 GEN 7 processor. This is advertised anywhere from 2.9 -3.5GHZ.  This is super fast. If you are someone who needs a lot of power, this baby has got your covered.

Coming to RAM, in this laptop, you have plenty of it. It has a total of 16GB of RAM, which should be more than enough. You will be able to multitask the hell out of your everyday activities. Even if you are a video producer or a creative professional, this memory will help you nicely.

What else is good in Dell XPS9360-7336SLV laptop?

Looking at the battery life, we feel that it is exceptional. While watching a movie and letting it run throughout the morning, it went for a total of 6 hours.

There’s a neat button on the side that you can use in order to check the battery strength. There’s even a small LED on the charging cable so that you will know when the laptop is charging. Did we mention the fact that the laptop charges really fast?

As far as WiFi goes, this laptop includes a Killer 802.11 A/C Wi-Fi adapter, which is very fast. We noticed the laptop connects without any difficulty.

There’re a couple of complaints when it comes to this laptop, such as it having no video out, but with one of the smallest laptops in the world, that is understandable. Also, there’s no optical drive, which is normal when it comes to an Ultrabook. There are 2 USB 3.0 ports which can be really handy at times. It is sad that dell hasn’t included a USB C port.

Instead of it coming with Windows 10 home edition, it comes with Windows 10 Pro. This move makes us feel like this laptop is more so geared towards business people.

Dell XPS9360-7336SLV Review: Verdict

Yes, having no video out and no optical drive but those are small things to give up for something this powerful. These “problems” didn’t cause the laptop to drop any points in the ratings. So, if you’re looking for a good laptop, this Dell laptop might just be a viable option for you. Definitely gets our recommendation as a solid laptop.

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