HP 15-f305dx Review – Budget Everyday Use Laptop!

HP 15-f305dx review

Budget laptops are great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on laptops. Light users don’t need over the top specs and for them a cheap laptop would do just fine. In this HP 15-f305dx review, we are going to review one such device.

This new laptop from the house of HP is aimed at people who look for basic features in a laptop. It can push when you need some power, but is made with everyday activities in mind. If you are in the market for a cheap yet solid laptop, read this full review to know more about this product.

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The design is classic HP. It comes in black with a matte finish and has the logo in the middle. Open the lid, you can find the HD webcam above the screen. The keyboard is a full one with the number pad included. The trackpad is decent and responsive.

All the essential ports can be found on the sides. This is kind of a big laptop at 15.6 inches. With dimensions of 10.16 x 15.18 x 0.89 inches, the laptop weighs around 5.3 pounds. It is not that heavy but still you might not prefer it to be your travel companion. Overall, for a budget laptop, it is a pretty neat design.

HP 15-f305dx Specs

The screen we have here is a 15.6-inch HD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is a decent display, and you can enjoy viewing on this device without any problem. The viewing angle is not the best, but that’s not a complaint we can do in this price range.

The color accuracy is decent, and you can work on this display as well. If you are a light user, who is a perfect fit for this laptop, you will be pleased by this screen quality. You can stream videos in Netflix, play games and enjoy your favorite videos without any problem.

The HP 15-f305dx is run by an AMD A6 5200 processor. This is an accelerated quad-core processor that clocks up to 2GHz. This processor does not come with turbo boost, so that’s all the clock speed you get.

This processor runs the operating system and other third party applications smoothly without any lag. You can carry on with your everyday activities like browsing the web, streaming videos, checking email and playing light, casual games without any issues.

HP 15-f305dx laptopThere are four gigs of SD RAM that complement the processor. This is like the bare minimum you need for a smooth computing experience these days and does its job. This RAM is perfect for your multitasking needs as a light user. You can now browse the web, listening to your favorite song while downloading the watch you want to watch.

There is a decent amount of space on the 500GB hard drive. You can store all your digital belongings in this drive. It might look like less on paper but is actually hard to fill it up. Unless you already have a lot of data, this hard drive should be good for most of the users.

Windows 10 is the OS in the HP 15-f305dx notebook. It is the latest and the greatest in the Windows ecosystem and is one hell of an operating system. It has a load of new features like Cortana, Edge browser, and much more. You’ll love this operating system, no doubt.

This laptop is suitable for some casual gaming. The AMD Radeon 8400 HD graphics card is a decent one and allows you to play some splendid but less graphically intense games. If you are an avid gamer, then this laptop might not be up to your expectations.

Battery life is an important component and you can get around 4 hours of battery life with regular usage though it highly depends on the user. You also get connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 ports, and an HDMI port.

HP 15-f305dx Review: Verdict

This HP 15-f305dx review talked about this laptop and what it comes with in good detail. To sum it up, this is an excellent laptop for the price. You get to do your everyday tasks without facing any lag in the performance. If you are searching for a cheap laptop that gets the job done, this one is recommended.

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