HP 17z-p100 review – 17.3-inch Mid-range Laptop!

HP 17z-p100 review

The HP 17z-p100 is a new 17-inch laptop from the house of HP. This is a huge laptop that comes with the idea of multimedia written all over it. You can also use the large screen to get things done, but that depends largely on what your needs are.

In this HP 17z-p100 review, let’s take a good look at this new model and see if this is what they advertise it to be. With a decent processor and memory, the laptop should come out with flying colors. But let’s see it for ourselves, shall we?

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The laptop comes in a shade of black. By that, we mean a lot of blacks. There is not another color in the scheme, and that is not a bad thing. The advantage of getting a bigger-sized laptop is that you also get a full keyboard. This is great if you are using numbers on a daily basis. The keyboard itself is good to use, and we can say that same about the trackpad as well.

When you are looking at a 17-inch laptop, you better not have portability in your thoughts. With dimensions of 16.52 x 10.98 x 1.09 inches, the laptop weighs 6.2 pounds. They may not be that heavy, which is great, but still not a great choice for travel.

HP 17z-p100 Specs

There is a 17.3-inch screen here, and it comes with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Just like a lot of mid-range displays, the resolution is just high definition and nothing more. The picture quality is better than traditional HD screen, and those extra pixels make up for a bigger screen.

The screen is definitely one of the biggest selling points of this laptop. This multimedia device is great for watching movies and TV series, thanks to the wide display. If you are a work-type person, then you’ll find the screen helping you do a lot more in a lesser time frame.

The HP 17z-p100 features an AMD A8 processor. This AMD A8 7050 processor is a quad-core processor, and it comes with a 1.8GHz clock speed. The clock speed can be increased up to 3GHz with the help of turbo boost when you need more power.

The processor is a decent one and can be compared with some mid-range Intel chips. It is sufficient for running most of the apps out there and can even push some system-intensive ones. If you are a light or a casual user, this processor will be just fine for your needs.

The memory department is equipped with 6GB DDR3L SD RAM. This might not be a lot of RAM for some, but this can help you do a lot. First, this is better than the bare minimum of 4 gigs you need. Second, this is lesser than 8GB, which might be a little too much to ask for in a budget device like this.

HP 17z-p100 laptopYou can multitask without any problem. Running a couple of apps, listening to music, and working something in the background is easy with a processor-memory combo like this.

With a 750GB hard drive, you get ample storage for all your games, videos, songs, and other important valuables. This is not the fastest hard drive on the planet, but it does give you a lot of space to play with. The hard drive also comes with Windows 10 home edition, 64-bit.

This version of Windows is the latest and it comes with a horde of new features. You will, no doubt, enjoy this latest operating system from Microsoft.

As far as gaming is concerned, there is no discrete graphics card in the HP 17z-p100 laptop. It comes with the integrated AMD R5 Radeon graphics card and helps you to do some moderate gaming. You can run most of the games on the market right now, but when running the latest ones reducing the settings is a necessity.

Battery life with a large screen is always going to be a problem. The laptop comes with a 4-cell 41WHr lithium-ion battery pack. With regular usage, you can get the laptop going for about 3 to 4 hours which is pretty decent in our opinion.

For connectivity, there are pretty much all the ports and jacks available. There is also a DVD burner if that is something important to you.

HP 17z-p100 Review: Verdict

This HP 17z-p100 review gave you a good idea about the specs and what good they are. If you are looking for a big laptop to take care of your multimedia needs, then this one is a neat choice.

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