HP 251-a20 Review – Neat Budget Desktop!

HP 251-a20 review

If you are wondering whether you can get a simple desktop that isn’t expensive, then the answer is you can. Int his post, we are going to take a good look at a new desktop from HP that is pretty much the answer to that question. So stick with us in this HP 251-a20 review.

This desktop is targeted at light users who don’t need a lot of power. This machine is supposed to be your everyday desktop that is best suitable for checking emails, browsing the web and simple tasks. But is it worth it? Let’s dive in and see if this desktop is right for you.

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There is nothing awesome about this design but it does look way better than most of the desktop out there. The dotted look in the front gives it a premium look. There are a number of ports and jacks in the front that makes reaching them a piece of cake.

You can find the rest of them at the back side. With dimension fo 14.88 x 6.60 x 14.33 inches, it is going to take up some space in your room. It weighs around 10.8 pounds, so be sure not to move that thing often.

Also, this desktop comes without a monitor. So get one before if you don’t have one at this point of time.

HP 251-a20 Specs

This is an entry-level computer that is aimed at light users. So they have gone with an entry-level processor to cut down the cost a bit. The chip that powers this HP 251-a20 desktop is an AMD A6 6310 processor. This is an accelerated quad-core chip that does a decent job.

The processor is cool to run simple day to day activities like browsing the web, streaming videos and other simple jobs. You can also occasionally edit photos with this chip. It might take some time but surely get the job done.

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There are four gigs of RAM in the memory department. This might look like very little, but it is good enough for a lot of light users. You can multitask to your heart’s content and do more while taking less time. You can download your favorite movie while listening to the song your friend just told you. All happens smoothly without a problem.

There is a 1TB hard drive in the HP 251-a20 desktop. This is a 7200RPM hard drive which means it is pretty fast in terms of speed. We have to applaud HP for giving a speedy hard drive in spite of this being a budget device. You can go on and store anything and everything you would like to have.

Windows 8.1 is the operating system here, and you can upgrade to Windows 10 without spending a penny. It is getting a lot of praise for bringing back the goodness of Windows 7. If you are a fan of the latter, then you’ll love this OS as well.

You can do some light gaming on this desktop PC. The AMD R4 graphics card are good for casual gaming and does a decent job. There is a couple of USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 2.0 port that can be useful when you need to transfer data. There is also an ultra slim tray super multi DVD burner.

HP 251-a20 Review: Verdict

This HP PC is good for your daily tasks and media consumption. For the price, this is a neat desktop computer. You won’t get this much for just under $300. So, if you are in need of a simple, budget desktop without any bells and whistles, then go for this one.

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