HP ENVY 15-K230nr Review – Touchscreen Laptop!

HP ENVY 15-K230nr review

In this HP ENVY 15-K230nr review, we are going to look at a new 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop that comes with a good array of features. This laptop is mainly targeted at heavy users who are always in need of power. With a decent price tag for the specs, this HP laptop can attract even light users.

If you are searching for a laptop that can replace your PC, this one is a good contender. Read our full review and find out if this notebook is a good enough for your needs. With a lot of 5-start ratings, it is more likely than not. Dive in and find out!

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The laptop comes in silver, and it looks premium for the price. The first impression is really good, thanks to the neat finish. The hinges are still very much HP-like, but that doesn’t make it bad. When you open the lid, you see the keyboard in black and also the trackpad.

The keyboard here is a full keyboard with a number pad as well. This can be useful for those who use a lot of numbers in their everyday life. The trackpad is responsive for normal use and is optimized for the operating system. With dimensions of 10.24 x 15.14 x 1.11 inches, the laptop weighs around 5.7 pounds. This isn’t too heavy to carry around, but still not provide the same amount of portability as lighter laptops.

HP ENVY 15-K230nr Specs

The 15.6-inch display here is a full HD LED-backlit widescreen display. It comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that bring excellent clarity in the display. The viewing angles are also excellent which makes this display a good one for watching movies and playing games or any other type of media consumption.

This display is also a touchscreen. It is a capacitive touchscreen and is very responsive. You can navigate the widescreen quickly. The operating system is also optimized for touch, and that makes this a splendid combo. Even the OSes in the future will be based on touch, so it is nice to have a touchscreen that kind of future proofs your laptop.

The processor that powers the HP ENVY 15-K230nr laptop is an Intel Core i7 processor. This is a 4th gen processor and comes with a clocking frequency of 2.6GHz. This i7 4720HQ processor comes with a lot of power and is one of the most efficient processors in the Haswell generation.

This processor can run pretty much anything you want to. Right from basic applications to complex, system-intensive ones, this quad-core processor can handle it with ease. The memory department is also well taken care of and comes with eight gigs of DDR3L SDRAM.

HP ENVY 15-K230nr touchscreen laptopThis amount of RAM is good enough even for heavy users. The only occasions when you’ll need more RAM is if you are gaming, running a virtual machine or making content. In other scenarios, eight gigs should help you out just fine. You can also upgrade the RAM in the future, so not much to think here.

The graphics card here is an Intel HD 4600 graphics card that gets around 1.7GB of memory dedicated for itself. With this graphics card, you can do some moderate gaming. You can play some of the best mid-range games without any problems. If you want to play better ones, you must reduce the settings to get a decent frame rate.

You get a lot of storage space in the 1TB hard drive. You can have all your videos, photos and other important stuff with you without any restriction. But this is not the fastest hard drive, and it shows. It slows down a bit at times which is not desired. They could have included an SSD but sadly did not. 90% of the users will not note this, but it is there. Not a deal breaker, though.

The operating system here is Windows 8.1. You can get the latest Windows operating system for free for the first year. Windows 10 is getting a lot of praise for bringing back the start menu that was missed all along. It also has a number of new features like Cortana, Edge browser and much more. A worthy upgrade.

The lithium-ion battery pack takes care of the battery life. HP claims about 6 hours and 15 minutes of battery life. Well, as you would expect that is not the case in all scenarios. With regular usage, people are getting around 4 hours which is well below the promised battery life. With optimized settings, you will surely get more out of it.

The laptop shines in the connectivity department. It supports both 802.11a/c and Bluetooth connectivity. There are essential ports like USB ports, HDMI port, and even a media card reader. Beats audio makes the audio experience a lot better and will matter to you if you are an audiophile.

HP ENVY 15-K230nr Review: Verdict

That brings this HP ENVY 15-K230nr review to an end. This is an excellent upper mid-range laptop that comes fully loaded with features. The touchscreen, high-end processor, and other specs are well worth the price. If you are looking for a good laptop, that can go with you a long way, then go for it.

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