HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 Review

HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 review

Welcome to this HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 review. Looking at the market, there’re so many different laptops you can choose from – none of them are created equal.

Amongst the many different laptops, we noticed the HP Envy 15-w110nr x360 and that is what we want to take the time to talk to you about today. In this HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 review, we’re going to tell you about the display, graphics card, ports, and much more.

The price tag of the HP Envy 15-w110nr x360 as of right now is under $900. If this is within your price range, it might just be a viable option for you. However, is this laptop able to meet the performance you need? Let’s find out.

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With its nice-looking silver, aluminum body, this 2-in-1 laptop looks similar to a MacBook, but you shouldn’t take this as a bad thing. On the lid and body, you’ll find silver-colored aluminum, which is quite stylish.

The HP logo was created from a reflective-looking material and can be found adorning the top of the laptop. On the hinge, you’ll find a Spectre logo, which is visible when the laptop is in the tent mode or when the laptop is closed.

When you open the lid, you’ll find the backlit, silver, island-style keyboard with speakers on both sides. The screen is touch-sensitive.

HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 laptopHP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 Specs

The display in this laptop is a 15.6 inch with 1080p. This laptop doesn’t take up a whole lot of desk space as it is only 14.8 x 9.75 x 0.63 inches. This laptop is also lighter than its rival, weighing in at 4.2 pounds.

The 15-inch touch screen on this laptop is bright and capable of producing vivid colors, although they’re not always as accurate as you’d like them to be.

Take a trailer on Daredevil, for example – it was capable of making out a majority of the action clearly, even though it was filmed in a dark place. The blood on Murdock on his clothes was vivid read, but Bernthal’s looked sick because his skin tones came over as a slight blue.

The viewing angles are quite strong, with clear images up to around 90 degrees. The display is a bit on the luminous site, nesting at 246 bits, which is brighter than, say the Inspiron 15, which is at 209 nits, but it is dimmer than the Satellite Radius, which is at 263 nets.

As you may expect for this price, this is a pretty fast computer. To start with, it’s powered by the Intel Core i7-6500U. This processor comes with a total of two cores and 2.5GHz clock speed. The clock speed, however, can increase to 3.1GHz with turbo boost. Users also enjoy the 8GB memory, as it is good for multitasking, however, on another note, you cannot upgrade this.

There’s more…

As far as graphics run, you won’t be able to play intensive video games due to the integrated Intel HD 520 graphics, but as far as Flash games go, you’ll do just fine. Some games, like Cut the Rope, will let you see how useful Spectre’s touch screen is.  On the 3DMark graphic benchmark, this laptop received a score of 64,632.

For this HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 laptop, a solid-state drive seems like the only real storage choice. Honestly, this isn’t a downfall, because it is more durable than those conventional hard drives, so this laptop will probably last for a long time. You will also have a 256GB M.2 SSD, making programs load faster.

As far as the port selection goes, it’s fairly typical – you have 2 USB 3.1 (one of those is for charging), one USB 2.0 and an HDMI output, which will allow you to plug in a monitor. In addition to this, there’s also an RJ-45 port, which means networking with cable will be possible.

Unfortunately, in this model, you’re not going to find a DVD burner. However, you will have a media card reader (SD/MMC0) that is available.

The keyboard has a nice backlight feature that you’ll probably like. This makes it so easy that you can see the keys in darker rooms.

When it comes to the battery life, you can get up to 8 hours. If you want to set your screen to more than half the brightness, then expect around 6 hours on an average.

HP ENVY 15-w110nr x360 Review: Verdict

The HP Envy 15/w110nr x360 is a brilliant 2-in-1 laptop. With the Core i7 processor and 256GB solid-state drive, there are hardly any programs that wouldn’t run on this laptop. Of course, it won’t handle the latest games, but this is how it is when it comes to convertible laptops. If you’re looking for something that can handle heavyweight software and has multi-use functionality, then this laptop here might be a viable option for you.

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