HP ENVY 750-140 Review

HP ENVY 750-140 review

The quest to buy the desktop that suits your need is a never ending one. You will always have some criteria that don’t fit your bill. Either the price is high, or you don’t get for what you play. In this HP ENVY 750-140 review, we are going to talk about this new desktop that could change this.

This new desktop PC from HP is aimed at the light and mid-range users. This computer comes with its share of power and other important thins you would normally expect in a decent personal computer. The price tag is also not that overblown which is a good thing. Let’s analyse and see if this new PC is worth it.

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HP calls this new desktop design stylish, sophisticated, and smart. We have to agree with a couple of those to be honest. The new desktop is a lot better looking than the previous ones and also takes up small space than before. It has gone through a facelift and has a better face in the front.

There are some minor issues as well. With this new design, you lose all the ports on the front. You have to reach the back in order to use the ports which is a step behind in terms of accessibility. Other than that there aren’t any problems with the design.

HP ENVY 750-140 Specs

For mid-range users, processing power is a crucial thing. And for that, we have an Intel Core i5 processor from the Skylake generation. This new i5 6400 is a speedy processor and is perfect for mid-range use. It has a CPU Mark score of 6494 and that makes it comparable even with some i7 processors as well.

You can use this kind of power to do almost anything. Doing your daily tasks will be buttery smooth, and even system-intensive applications will run fine, thanks to the sheer processing power we have here.

The memory supports the processor in and out. There are eight gigs of DDR3 memory that should play a significant role in your multitasking needs. They could have gone with a DDR4 memory, but they have done it this way to reduce the cost as there is no other reason for that.

This memory allows you to do a lot of stuff simultaneously. You can multitask with all liberty and will not be held back most of the times. You can also upgrade this memory to up to 32GB in the future which is a great freedom to have.

HP ENVY 750-140 desktopFor people who like to game, there is a discrete graphics card in the HP ENVY 750-140 desktop. We have a Nvidia GeForce GT 730 chip with a dedicated memory of 2GB. This can be classified as a mid-range GPU, but is miles better than the integrated ones.

You can run most of the recent titles without any problem. You will have to reduce the settings to get a decent frame rate, and that’s expected in this price range. If you are a casual or a mid-range gamer, you will be okay with this setup.

There is plenty of space in the 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. This is much better than the traditional 5400RPM drives and offer you a slightly better performance. Though there are not significant improvements in the booting space, apps open a tad faster and it all counts.

Windows 10 Home Edition is the operating system, and it is the latest you can get. Since this is not an OS review, we save that up for some other review.

The HP ENVY 750-140 desktop has every connectivity you want as well. It has wireless LAN 802.11a/c/ with dual-band technology and also Bluetooth 4.0. The desktop also comes with all the ports you can imagine and no problems there as well.

HP ENVY 750-140 Review: The Verdict

That brings this HP ENVY 750-140 review to its end. This is a decent mid-range computer for the price. A powerful processor, upgradeable memory and a discrete GPU should make it an easy decision for you. Get this one if you are on the hunt for a simple mid-range desktop.

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