HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460 Review – New Gaming Desktop!

HP Phoenix 810 460

Welcome to this HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460 review. Gaming desktops are now getting more traction than before. People are building custom desktops to matching their gaming needs. But not all are capable of doing that which is why we have manufacturers like HP making desktops that are tailor made for gaming.

If you are interested in getting yourself a gaming desktop, then this is a review you should be reading till the very end.

The design here is pretty impressive. We’ve seen this in previous ENVY models but they have polished it. The glossy finish in the front gives a premium look. They have used the black and red color scheme to good effect and you can see the insides at the side which is a nice touch.

click_knowmoreThe keyboard has elevated keys and they give a nice feedback on typing. Only the optical drive can be found at and front and they have moved the ports to the back which is a not-so-cool move in our opinion. Otherwise, it’s a good improvement over the previous designs.


The Phoenix 810-460 comes with no display. So you have to get it separately. We recommend you get a monitor that is made for gaming so that you won’t miss a lot of action on the screen.

HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460 ReviewThe processor that powers this bad boy is an Intel core i7 processor. This i7 4702MQ processor comes with a clocking frequency of 3.4GHz. This is a 4th gen chip based on the Haswell architecture and is one of the best chips at the moment.

You can throw pretty much anything at it and it will run it without any problem. Any system intensive game or app will perform as this is one of the proven processors out there in the market.

In any desktop the processor should be supported by a good memory. Here we have a 16GB DDR3 RAM which complements the processor in a beautiful way. This is the right amount of memory for a gaming desktop as 32GB in most cases will be overkill.

You can of course upgrade this memory to 32GB. But we feel that the upgrade will result in very little improvement in the performance. For most of the high end games, this memory should be enough even when there are tons of things happening in the screen.

The hard drive is a 1TB 7200RPM SATA drive. This is faster than the 5400RPM ones and also gives an ample space to play with. You can store any number of games without any storage issues. There is also a 16GB solid state drive which is included purely for performance reasons.

Now you can boot your PC in just seconds. Opening and switching between applications is faster than ever. The operating system that comes pre-installed in the system is Windows 8.1. It is an excellent OS for gaming and gamers absolutely love it.

The most important thing in any gaming machine will be the graphics card. Here the graphics card is the Nvidia GeForce GTX745 which comes with a dedicated memory of 4GB DDR3 RAM. This is an excellent graphics card that is great for both rendering and gaming.

You can enjoy most of the graphically intense games without any performance issues. Such is the capability of this graphics card. For a hardcore, this setup is the best bargain in this price range.

There are load of connectivity options here. The desktop supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity standards. There are 10 USB ports in the back of which 4 of them are the latest USB 3.0 port which can transfer data at lightning speeds. There is a super multi DVD burner which can come in handy as well.

HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460 Review: Verdict

It’s now time for the verdict as we have reached the end of this review. The first question you might have asked is how good this desktop is and we are pretty sure we’ve answered it. The next important question is if this is worth the price tag?

This desktop comes with some of the best spec that people would love to own for gaming. Those specs make this gaming PC totally worth its price tag. If you need a gaming desktop that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket, then go for this one.


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