HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 Review

HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 review

The new HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 is the latest hybrid computer to hit the market. It comes with a compact form factor and is mainly targeted at students and light users. This convertible laptop can also double up as a tablet and also switch to other modes as per your requirements.

But is the laptop good enough and actually is what it claims to be? Let’s find that out in this HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 review. Read this review to the very end and see for yourself if this convertible laptop is worth investing in.

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The laptop comes in natural silver with natural brushing. It looks good and feels nice as well. Another main advantage here is the size. With a small screen, the laptop weighs just around 3.2 pounds. This makes this a suitable candidate for your travel laptop. This is also the main reason for selecting this as a laptop for students.

The keyboard is neat, and the keys are well spaced. There is sufficient travel and the typing experience is pretty good at best. The trackpad is okay, and you can manage with it. There is an HD webcam in the front that enables you to make video calls, both personal and official ones. There are four modes namely the laptop, tablet, tent and the stand model. All these modes have their advantages and are well executed. Overall, a design that we are used to but even more refined.

HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 Specs

The 11.6-inch screen in the laptop comes with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is also an IPS panel, and that means you are going to get excellent viewing angles off the screen. The picture quality is brilliant, thanks to the improved pixel density. You can also this display for all your media consumption needs as it is suitable for it. The touchscreen plays a significant role in this convertible laptop. It is responsive in the tablet and allows you to navigate the screen faster.

An Intel Pentium N3700 processor powers the HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 laptop. This is a quad-core processor with a clocking frequency of 1.6GHz. This clock speed can be further increased to about 2.40GHz with the help of turbo boost.

This processor is perfect for an entry-level laptop. You can carry on with your web browsing, checking emails, and doing other everyday tasks. The processor can also handle some high-end photo editing and video editing applications as well.

HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 convertible laptopThere is a 4GB DDR3 SD RAM in the memory department. This is a decent amount of memory but is still ample RAM if you are a light or a casual user. You can’t upgrade the memory in the future so be sure to check if this memory will serve you well for the coming years.

You can do some moderate gaming with the HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360. The integrated GPU lets you play some of the recent titles. But if you want to play the latest ones, you will find yourself reducing the settings in order to get a decent frame rate.

There are 500 gigs of storage in the Serial ATA 5400RPM hard drive. From the storage point of view, this is a good hard drive. But when you are looking for speed, you will soon find out that this is not the swiftest of HDDs. You can upgrade this to an SSD, but that will add up to the cost. A disappointment, if you are someone who expects speedy performance.

The battery life is decent in the HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 laptop. With regular usage, you should get around 6 to 8 hours of battery which is pretty impressive for an entry-level laptop. You also get all the modern connectivity options which is a good thing.

HP Pavilion 11-k120nr x360 Review: Verdict

This is an excellent convertible laptop for the price. It is perfect for your day to day activities and suits students and casual users the best. If you are looking for a simple and convertible laptop, then this is a good choice to make.

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