HP Pavilion 17-g192dx Review

HP Pavilion 17-g192dx review

Looking at all of the different laptops on the market right now, for someone who doesn’t know much about computers, it might turn into a nightmare. Imagine buying a laptop only to find it isn’t able to do everything you need. This HP Pavilion 17-g192dx review will guide you to know everything about this new, shiny laptop for HP.

For a moderately priced laptop, you may not be expecting a whole lot of surprises with this laptop, but believe it or not, you may be in for a surprise. Are you ready to learn all about this laptop so that you can determine whether or not you want it? Let’s get started on our HP Pavilion 17-g192dx review.

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This laptop sports the traditional design. It measures 21.5 x 13.7 x 3 inches and weighs 7.8 pounds. If you’re not used to carrying 8 pounds, then it might be best if you leave this one sitting in your office or at home.

Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t have the backlight feature, which may be a downfall for many of you, but for others, it’s not that big of a problem. The touchpad is pretty decent and can get the job done.

HP Pavilion 17-g192dx Specs

In this HP Pavilion 17-g192dx laptop, the display size is 17.3 inches with a resolution of 1600 x 900, which isn’t that great of a resolution – for home use, the resolution is alright. Located at the top, on the bezel, you’ll find a webcam. It shoots at 720p but is still good for what it does.

Looking at the facts, for a home user, there’s nothing the HP Pavilion 17-g192dx cannot do. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 5200U processor and has a total of two cores. The clock speed is at 2.2 GHz, but when you put it on turbo boost (yes, turbo boost is available with this system), you will get a clock speed of 2.7GHz.

In addition, many find the 8GB memory refreshing. Combing 8GB RAM with the i5 processor and you will be sure to have fast browsing and more. This memory will very handy as it can allow you to do more than just a few things at once.

In this laptop, you’ll find a hard 1TB 5400RPM hard drive, which is both good and bad. If you’re looking for a large amount of storage so that you can store all of your music, documents, pictures, movies, and whatever else you need to store, it is good. The downfall with this hard drive would be the speed – it isn’t exactly fast. If you know how you could always fix this problem by removing the current hard drive and put in an SSD.

As far as gaming goes, this will not be the laptop of choice for a hardcore gamer. With games like GTA5, for example, even with using low settings, you’ll get between 20-25FPS, which is horrible.

However, for light gaming, like browser-based games or Minecraft, you might be in luck. You can even do some mid-range gaming which is to say that the integrated GPU is not that bad at all.

Battery and Connectivity

The battery in this laptop is a 14-cell 41Whr, and you should expect around four hours of run time on this laptop. If you plan on using it for longer than four hours, stay plugged on to the wall. However, there are many battery optimization techniques that can help you here.

Looking at the ports on this HP Pavilion 17-g192dx notebook, you shouldn’t have any problems using your devices and peripherals with it. You have a total of one USB 2.0 port and two USB 3.0 ports located on the sides of the laptop. You also have an HDMI-out, which will come in handy for hooking up an additional monitor to it.

If you want to network with a cord, you can do so – it has a built-in 100Mbps RJ-45 port. However, if you prefer a wireless connection, thanks to the 802.11bgn WiFi adapter, that is possible. It doesn’t appear to have Bluetooth enabled, but for some, that isn’t that big of a downfall.

Fortunately, this laptop does have an SD card slot. There is also a DVD burner installed, which will come in handy.

HP Pavilion 17-g192dx Review: Verdict

The HP Pavilion 17-g192dx isn’t all that bad of a laptop and the average, everyday home user shouldn’t have any problems with it. At 17 inches, the laptop is rather big, and some would call that “multimedia-friendly,” which is exactly what it is. If you are looking for an excellent media consumption that can help you with some mid-range gaming, then this is it.

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