HP Pavilion 23-q030 Review – Cool Touchscreen AIO Desktop!

HP Pavilion 23-q030 review

All-in-one desktop computers are being liked more people nowadays. A new desktop with all the latest features can surely get the attention of anyone out there. In this HP Pavilion 23-q030 review, we are taking a good look at this new touchscreen all-in-one desktop that aims to offer you an outstanding multimedia experience.

With a decent processor and memory in place, you can get things done without stressing too much. The gorgeous 23-inch screen is their trump card in this desktop. Will it deliver as they claim? Read the full review and find that out. Dive in.

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The desktop is pretty sleek and looks great. The aluminum stand that holds the desktop is solid enough and does a good job. You can tilt the desktop front and back to suit your needs. You can also find all the essential ports. Though the positioning is debatable, you can reach the ports with minimal effort.

The keyboard and mouse are usual stuff, and there is nothing special there. The desktop, even with a big display, doesn’t take up a lot of space on your table. It weighs around 17.8 pounds, and that makes it slightly hard for you to move it around too often. Overall, this is a neat design and a very usable one.

HP Pavilion 23-q030 Specs

The display is the selling point of this desktop and let’s take a look at it first. We have a 23-inch diagonal IPS Full HD LED-backlit display. This display comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The IPS panel makes sure that you get excellent viewing angles, and this is crucial for a multimedia consumption device like this.

The picture quality is brilliant, and the colors are pretty accurate as well. With the 10-point touchscreen, you can navigate the big screen easier than before. This is also important as the operating system is touch-enabled, and you can make full use of the OS with this responsive touchscreen.

The HP Pavilion 23-q030 desktop is powered by an AMD A10 processor. This A10 8700p chip is an accelerated processor that comes with a clocking frequency of 1.8GHz. It has ten cores and is well suited for mid-range work. You can run any application you want with this processor. Even system intensive apps run fine without any problems.

There are eight gigs of DDR3L RAM for memory here. By modern standards, this is an acceptable level of memory for a mid-range device. It allows you to multitask to your heart’s content and takes your multitasking game to the next level. There is also hardly any lag while multitasking which is appreciated by heavy users.

HP Pavilion 23-q030 all-in-one dekstopYou can also upgrade the memory in the future as you might find the need for more memory then.

The hard drive here is a 1TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive. This hard drive gives you a lot of storage, and you can store almost anything without any issues. The speed of the hard disk is also good which is an added benefit.

The hard drive comes with Windows 8 as the operating system. This is the 64-bit version, and you can upgrade to Windows 10 with just a few clicks. The good news is that this upgrade is free for the first year. With all the positive reviews this new OS is gettings, this upgrade is totally worth it.

Gaming is not the best use of this all-in-one desktop. The graphics card here is an integrated one. It is suitable for moderate gaming but not suited for high-end gaming. You can play some mid-range games without any problems. Playing some graphically intensive games with reduced settings might be just possible.

There are plenty of options for connectivity here. You can find all the essential ports like USB ports, HDMI ports and also a 3-in-1 media card reader. There is also support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

HP Pavilion 23-q030 Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this HP Pavilion 23-q030 review. This is an all-in-one desktop that offers something for everyone in the family. It is primarily a multimedia device, and it does a great job about it. If you are looking for an all-in-one desktop that doesn’t cost much, this is a good choice.

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