HP Pavilion 550-020 Review – Stylish Desktop PC!

HP Pavilion 550-020 review

Even when there are a lot of new hybrid desktops and such PCs, many of us still prefer conventional desktops over them. All people look for is to take the goodness of those desktops with a little redesign. In this HP Pavilion 550-020 review, we are going to analyze a new release from HP, that does just that.

This new desktop computer takes the old conventional tower-like design and puts a new twist on it. It comes with decent power and is aimed at people who are not looking for a lot of processing power. If you are searching for a simple desktop PC without any bells and whistles, then read this full review, and find out if this desktop is good enough for you!

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The desktop comes in blue with a spotted design. We can’t help but think of the Samsung Galaxy S5 design. But this is new for desktop, and it does look good with a black strip in the middle. You get access to a couple of USB ports, a headphone jack, and a media card reader in the front whereas the other ports are located at the back.

There is no change in the size. It is just as big as any conventional tower desktop and weighs around 15.8 pounds. There is also no denying that it will take some space to fit in. This is a standalone desktop. If you don’t have a monitor with you, then be sure to get yourself a nice monitor that suit your needs.

HP Pavilion 550-020 Specs

The first thing you want to see in a budget desktop is the processor. Here we have an Intel Core i3 processor at the heart of this desktop. This is a 4th gen i3 4170 chip that comes with a clocking frequency of 3.7GHz. This is one of the decent processors in the Haswell generation and can do a lot to help you out.

It can run the OS and simple day to day applications without any problems. If you need some power, the processor can provide you that as well. You can also run most of the high-end software like photo editing and video editing suites. You can run simulation apps as the processor can actually give a push when you need some power.

The memory in the HP Pavilion 550-020 desktop is an 8GB DDR3 RAM. This is enough memory for most of the mid-range users. It allows you to take your multitasking game to the next level. You can run more applications at the same time now and face very little or zero lag.

HP Pavilion 550-020 desktopAs this is a desktop, you have the liberty to upgrade the memory whenever you want. So if you feel the need in the future, just open this boy up and include more RAM to beef things up.

The hard drive in the HP Pavilion 550-020 desktop computer comes with a lot of space to satisfy a mid-range user. The 1TB hard drive will hold all your movies, pictures, videos, and other important stuff. This drive also comes with decent speed that can help you with your workflow. You can also install an SSD if you like, but sadly it doesn’t come with it initially.

The operating system in Windows 8. It is not the most famous one, but you can upgrade to Windows 10 without for free without any issues.

Graphics performance is another important factor for a lot of people. With the integrated Intel HD 4400 graphics card, you can some mid-range games without any problems. If you are an avid gamer, then you will be restricted in your gaming. For a casual gamer, there will not be much of a problem.

As far as connectivity is concerned, you get both Bluetooth and Wireless LAN connectivity. There is an ultra slim tray super multi DVD burner that can come in handy. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports that can help you with your data transfer and connectivity as well. There is also a 7-in-1 media card reader that can be more useful that you think.

HP Pavilion 550-020 Review: Verdict

There are a lot of good things about this new desktop. We hope this HP Pavilion 550-020 review gave you a good look at it. The pros in this PC outweigh the cons and make it a good bet for a mid-range user who seeks for a simple desktop. Go for it if you are not looking for a lot of power and need a nice desktop PC!

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