Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) Review

Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) review

If you want to game on a budget, there are many options in the market right now. Lenovo has recently released a new desktop that is tailor-made for gaming. In this Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) review, we take a good look at this budget gaming solution from Lenovo.

With a decent processor at the heart of things, this Lenovo gaming PC targets the mid-range gamers. This is not a perfect gaming desktop by any means but still manages to bring some gaming action in this price range. If you are on the search for a budget gaming desktop, then read this review and find if this one is good enough for you.

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The Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) is a very good looking desktop. The design is robust and premium at the same time. The lights in the front give you a nice experience when playing. One issue here is that all the ports are located at the back. There are no ports or drive for you to access in the front which is a lot of wasted space, just for the sake of design.

A cool desktop is preferred by gamers as it affect your gaming. For that, ventilation can be found on both sides of the desktop cabinet. At 16.5 pounds, you better not plan to move it around quite often. The keyboard and mouse you get along with the desktop are normal stuff and nothing special.

There is no monitor here. If you are buying this for gaming, then we just going through our monitor reviews and decide on one that matches your needs and budget.

Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) Specs

The Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop is powered by an AMD FX 770K processor. This is a quad-core processor that clocks at 3.5GHz. This is a decent processor and can be compared with an i3 processor. It is capable of running most of the games without any hiccups.

Apart from gaming, it runs the operating system smoothly and everyday tasks like browsing the web, checking emails and other stuff. You can also run both photo and video editing applications without going through any performance issues.

There are eight gigs of RAM in the memory department. Most of the games now recommend that you have at least 8GB RAM for smoother gameplay. Some might feel that more memory could mean better performance. That is true but not in all cases. Here, 8GB RAM is more usable and upgrading to 16GB or more will not be needed anytime soon.

Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) gaming desktopThere is a 1TB hard drive. This is a huge hard drive and gives you enough space to store all your games, videos, pictures, files and everything else. This is, literally, one of the most spacious drives you can get your hands on.

There is also a 128GB solid state drive that is a great addition at this price range. It speeds up the processes and makes sure the applications open and close at a faster rate. Even booting up takes up very little time (few seconds) which is a significant improvement.

The HDD comes pre-installed with a copy of the 64-bit version of Windows 8. This operating system is not the best OS especially after the release of Windows 10. You can get Windows 10 on your PC for free for the first year. With great new features like Cortana, Microsoft edge and much more, the upgrade is worth it.

The graphics card in the Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) is an AMD R9 360 graphics card. This is a pretty decent GPU but nowhere near the best ones on the market. You can run most of the games without any problem. However, you might have to reduce the settings a bit in order to achieve a good frame rate which is crucial for good gaming.

There are 4 USB 3.0 ports that can be handy when it comes to high-speed data transfer and connectivity. There is also a DVD drive that can both read and write when you need to.

Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) Review: Verdict

This Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop (90B00002US) review has reached its end, and it is now time for the verdict. At this budget, this is a very playable gaming desktop. There are better gaming machines, but that might also increase the cost. If you are looking for a simple, cheap gaming desktop, go for it.

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