MSI 24GE 2QE-015US Review – Touchscreen Gaming Laptop!

Gaming desktops are becoming costlier day by day. If you need a good gaming machine, you’ll have to shell out a good sum which many can’t. But now some manufacturers are making it a little easy to get a gaming PC. In this MSI 24GE 2QE-015US review, we’ll take a look at this new touchscreen gaming PC from MSI which is a classy gaming PC at a decent price.

If you are searching for the right balance between function and price, this could be your destination. Read this full review and find out if this gaming PC is for you.


The design is surprisingly good. The screen comes with a decent sized bezel. When looked from the sides it is pretty thin even with all the components inside it. There are front facing speakers which will direct sound in your direction. But you might need some serious speakers for a more immersive experience though.

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The keys in the keyboard are well spaced. They look like chiclet type keys and give a nice little feedback once hit. There is a big hand rest below the keyboard which is a kinda neat. The mouse is a pretty standard offering from MSI. You can all the essential ports in the side. Overall, the design is a good one and should impress anyone who is looking for an all one desktop PC.

MSI 24GE 2QE-015US Specs

It is time to talk some juicy specs.

We have a 23.6 inch Touchscreen 1080p display. At 23.6 inches the resolution is good and is necessary for a good viewing experience. The pictures are crisp and you can even observe fast moving objects without much ghosting which is essential for gaming.

MSI 24GE 2QE-015US reviewHaving the touch functionality in this huge screen makes sense. It is easier to navigate the operating system this way. And looking at the way Microsoft is going this is something that will future proof you desktop. Gaming will be a very good experience as this big screen will take you to their world with ease.

The MSI 24GE 2QE-015US desktop is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. This 4720HQ chip is a quad core processor and clocks at 2.6GHz. It has a 6MB cache which is good when you work with office suite applications. This i7 chip is one of the best in the business right now and surely a good one to have in a gaming machine.

You can run pretty much any game you want without any problem. Apart from gaming, it can handle any application without a problem. The processor is well supported by the 12GB DDR3L SDRAM which is a decent amount of memory to have.

It is great for multi tasking. You will notice any lag even when there are too many things happening on the screen. Intel’s hyper threading technology along with the memory makes this a reality. Even with high end games, you’ll not be able to find any lag which is a blessing for gamers.

The next thing we are going to talk about in this MSI 24GE 2QE-015US review is the hard drive. You get a 1TB hard drive with a rotational speed of 7200RPM. This is slightly faster than the traditional hard drives but still slower than flash drives.

One disappointment here is that you don’t have a solid state drive. It could have improved the boot speed to just seconds and played a big part in the performance. At this price they could have gone for one, easily.

The graphics card here is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M. This is a dedicated graphics card that comes with a memory of 2GB. This is a very good graphics card for a gaming machine at this price. You can play any game you want without any problem and this is true even for modern graphically intensive ones. This is one serious GPU.

Connectivity is an area they’ve taken good care of. The desktop supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11a/c standards. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports which can be very handy. There is also a super multi DVD drive which many people will dearly miss if it wasn’t there.

MSI 24GE 2QE-015US Review: Verdict

We reached the end of this MSI 24GE 2QE-015US review and it is time for the verdict. This is a very good gaming for the price. There is no doubt about it. It has excellent specs and is made with gamers in mind. Go get this one, if you are a hardcore gamer who needs a machine that doesn’t compromise at this price range.

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