MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 Review

MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 review

There are many high-end gaming laptops in the market. Very few brands have earned the respect from gamers. MSI is one of them. In this MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 review, we are taking a look at its latest 4K gaming laptop that promises to be a treat.

This new laptop comes with a premium price tag and also excellent specs to back it up. If you are a serious gamer, then you need a brilliant gaming machine for your needs. Does this laptop have what it takes to become your next gaming machine? Read the full review and find out.

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The laptop comes in black  with a nice design on the lid. The logo in the lid gives a nice premium look. Gaming laptops are freaking huge but this one isn’t. For the size, this MSI laptop is sleek in comparison with other high-end gaming notebooks in the market.

When you open the lid, you see the keyboard and the trackpad. You get a multicolor backlit full keyboard that is great for gaming. It provides an excellent experience that a very few keypads have managed. The trackpad is pretty standard, yet very responsive.

With dimensions of 15.40 x 10.50 x 0.80 inches, the laptop weighs around 4.2 pounds. This is very light for a gaming laptop, and it also offers portability that is pretty rare in this breed. Overall, this is a very impressive design that your friends will envy.

MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 Specs

The display is a piece of work in the MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 laptop. You get a 15.6-inch LED-backlit widescreen 4K display that comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is a lot of pixels, and they look great in this screen. They might seem like overkill for some, but for a gaming laptop this could just be the future.

The display comes with very good viewing angles. It is a bit glossy, but that is adjustable. You can play some well-designed, graphically intensive games to see how good of a display this is. This is not a touchscreen. With a UHD screen like this, we really don’t care if this is one or not.

To run that many pixels, you need a lot of power. The MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 is driven by an Intel Core i7 5700HQ processor. This is a 5th gen Broadwell-based processor that comes with a clocking frequency of 2.7GHz. With Intel turbo boost technology, you can improve it up to 3.5GHz.

This is one of the latest chips to hit the market and is a powerful one. This quad-core processor is capable of running pretty much any game or application you throw at it. There is no doubt that this notebook has a neat processor but is it well supported by the memory?

MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 gaming laptopThe memory in the MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 is a 16GBDDR3L SD RAM. This is a decent memory for a gaming machine. You can play any game you want without facing any lag, thanks to the RAM here. You can also run multithreaded applications without going through any problems.

Many will argue that this is not enough memory for a high-end gaming machine. That is true in some cases, but this memory will serve you well for the coming years, and that is kind of cool. You can also upgrade the memory in the future when you think you want more RAM.

This MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 review will be unfinished if we didn’t talk about the graphics card. The graphics card here is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M that comes with a dedicated memory of 6GB. This is a kickass graphics card in this budget and gives you a lot of graphics power.

You can play almost all the games with high settings. Games like Batman: Arkham Knight, GTA V, The Witcher 3 and other latest games will run fine without lag. If you are an online gamer, this GPU will come in handy there as well. For the money, this is easily the best thing in this laptop along with the 4K display.

Let’s talk about storage. The hard drive comes with a storing capacity of 1TB and a speed of 7200RPM. This is a decent speed and enough storage for most of the users. If you need speed, then MSI has covered that as well. There is also a 128GB solid state drive that takes care of the speed problem. It is very fast and gives you the performance boost you deserve.

The SSD also comes with the operating system installed. We have Windows 8.1, 64-bit version that can be upgraded to Windows 10 for free. This new OS is being critically acclaimed for all the new changes it brings. It is also famous among the general users as well.

In a laptop like this, you need excellent connectivity. For that, we have 802.11a/c wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. There are also essential ports that include USB 3.0, HDMI and also a media card reader. However, there is no optical drive, and that will disappoint some.

MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 Review

We hope this MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-605 review gave you some good points about this product. The price might look a bit steep but if you are a serious gamer, you’ll know why. The gorgeous display, super fast processor and the GPU will please even the toughest of customers. If you are gamer looking to get a laptop, go for it.

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