MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 Review

MSI recently added a new member to their GE series. It is a gaming laptop that came in a very reasonable price tag. In this MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 review, we are going look at that new model from the same company.

The gaming laptop comes with an impressive array of specs and is ready for gaming. If you are a gamer looking to upgrade your gaming system or a first time gaming laptop buyer, this review is of your interest. Read the full review and find out if this laptop is worth your hard earned money.


The design of this 15.6 inch laptop is pretty cool. It has nice finish on the hood which gives it a premium feel. The inside is very nicely laid out as well. The textured palm rest is a nice touch. The track pad is pretty responsive but nothing out the ordinary.

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The key pad on the other hand is beautiful. It comes with full color backlit LED lighting which is completely customizable. It also gives tactile feedback and has anti-ghosting capabilities.

The laptop weighs just around 5 pounds which makes it very portable. If you are looking for a good looking, portable gaming machine you are at the right place. Continue reading while we dive deeper into the specs.

MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 Specs

The first thing you’ll see is the 15.6 inch full HD screen. This is a great resolution especially for gaming. It has a native aspect ratio of 16:9 which again is very good for media consumption. The viewing angles are pretty good which means you have good gaming action from any angle.

MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 reviewThis is not a touchscreen. But honestly don’t understand what the use of a touchscreen is in a gaming device. So points to MSI for not including a touchscreen and pricing it right, making it more accessible to a larger crowd.

The MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 laptop is powered by an Intel core i7 processor. This i7 4720HQ is a high performance quad core processor that clocks at 3.6GHz. This is a 4th generation chip and is one of the best high end quad core chips in the market right now.

Coming to some practical uses, this processor is capable of running pretty much any game without a problem. If you want to shift away from gaming, try stress testing this Intel chip and you’ll fail every single time. For a gaming machine, this is the best CPU you can get right now.

There are only 8 gigs of RAM. This may not match up against the 16 gigs of other machines but still is good enough to run many apps at the same time. Intel’s hyper threading enables you to run multi threaded applications and games without sacrificing on performance.

For storage we have a 1TB hard drive that rotates at 7200RPM. This hard drive gives you ample space to play with and should be enough for most of the users. If you feel you need more space, you can always use a cheap external storage disk.

The operating system here is Windows 8.1 which offers great support for games. This is the latest from the house of Microsoft and Windows 10 release is just around the corner.

The next thing we’ll discuss in this MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 review is the graphics card. The graphics card we have here is the Nvidia GeForce GTX960M. This is an excellent graphics card for budget gaming machines and it comes with dedicated memory of 2GB.

You can play pretty much anything with a GPU like this. Even graphically intensive games like Battlefield 4, GTA V and other titles run well which is a good thing for hardcore gamers.

The sound blaster audio is rich and adds to the gaming experience. You can hear every action that is taking place clearly. There is a HD webcam which can be handy for making video calls with your friends and family.

MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 Review: Verdict

It’s time to wrap up this MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 review. This is a very good 1080p gaming laptop that comes in a budget price. If you are looking for replacement or a brand new gaming machine for less, then this one is a clear winner.

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