MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 Review

MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 review

Gaming laptops are getting more impressive day by day. In this MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 review, we are going to analyze the best and the worst parts of this new gaming laptop from the house of MSI. This device is targeted at serious gamers who look for only the best.

The specs are pretty neat. The price is also less compared to other gaming notebooks in the market. So if you are on a budget, this machine could prove to be a better choice. Read our full review and see if this is the laptop that you’ve been searching for.

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The laptop is very attractive and is easily one of the best-designed models from MSI. This is a big laptop. It comes with a bigger screen that is great for gaming. Sadly, this also increases the weight and reduces the portability of this notebook. It weighs around 5.8 pounds which can be considered a little too heavy by modern day standards.

Coming to the keyboard and trackpad. The multi-color backlit keyboard is a joy to use. The user experience is very good thanks to the beautiful colors beneath each and every key. The textured trackpad, on the other hand, has received mixed reactions from people. Some say it’s awesome and others not that much.

You can find the ports on the sides. There are a number of exhaust outlets in the front and the back. This is critical for keeping your laptop cool, as gaming laptops can get heated in a very short gaming session. Overall, this design is well thought out and is a very usable one.

MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 Specs

Let’s talk about the screen first. We have a 17.3-inch LED-backlit full HD widescreen display. The resolution here is a nice 1920 x 1080 pixels. The IPS panel makes sure that the viewing angle is perfect as well. A combination of these two things means that you can now enjoy crystal clear gaming with a very good viewing angle.

The display is perfect for gaming, and you can see all the details is a particular frame without any blur of any kind. The display is also suitable for media consumption and also for work. This is not a touchscreen display, and that might disappoint some. But for a gaming device, we don’t see it as a deal breaker.

The processor that powers this MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 model is an Intel Core i7 processor. This i7 5700HQ processor is a Broadwell-based chip that has 4 cores. It comes with an average clock speed of 2.7GHz that can be improved to 3.5GHz with the help of Intel’s turbo boost technology.

The processor is one of the best processors you can get right now. The Broadwell-based processors are known for its low power consumption and efficiency. This chip can run any game you throw at it. It is also great for work and help you to get things done in a jiffy.

There are 16 gigs of DDR3 RAM in the memory department. This is a more or less the perfect memory when it comes to a gaming machine. Some might argue that they need more memory, and that is not always true. With this memory, you can run the most demanding games without any problems.

MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 gaming laptopWhen there are too many things happening on the screen, there is usually some lag associated with this. This memory helps you to deal with such laggy performance. Apart from gaming, this memory can also help you multitask to your heart’s content. Running multithreaded applications are a lot smoother, thanks to the sheer RAM power.

This MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 review will be half-assed if we didn’t talk about the graphics card. The graphics card here is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M. This is a very good GPU, and it comes with a dedicated memory of 2GB. You can play some excellent games like GTA V, Batman: Arkham Knight, and The Witcher 3 with good settings. For multiplayer online games, you can get excellent frame rates which are ideal for beating your competitors.

The hard drive here is a 1TB hard drive with a 7200RPM speed. This hard disk strikes the balance between both speed and storage. MSI should have included a solid state drive that would have played an important part in improving the performance further. At this price range, the absence of an SSD is a mistake.

The operating system in the MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 laptop is Windows 10. This is the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. It has been getting some excellent reviews from people and on its way to becoming the best Windows yet. There is no doubt you’ll enjoy the likes of Cortana, the new digital assistant in Windows 10.

The battery life is taken care of by a lithium-ion cell. The laptop should be good for about 4 hours which isn’t that bad. As a gamer, you would want to game for hours. When that is the case, it is better to have a power outlet at your disposal.

The laptop supports connectivity features like 802.11a/c and Bluetooth 4.0. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports that can be handy for some quick data transfer. There is also a super multi DVD drive that can please a lot of people.

MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 Review: Verdict

That brings this MSI GE72 APACHE-235;9S7-179211-235 review to an end. It is now time for the verdict. This is an excellent gaming laptop for the price. There is no doubt about it. The only con that bothers us is the lack of an SSD. Otherwise, we recommend this gaming laptop to anyone who needs a good gaming machine in this price range.

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