MSI GL72 6QF-405 Review

MSI GL72 6QF-405 review

We’ve found so many amazing looking laptops on the market, but they just weren’t up to par with what everyday users needed. One laptop that we would like to tell you about today is the MSI GL72 6QF-405 – if you’re looking for a good laptop that has some power to it, this one right here might just be a pretty good option for you.

With a price tag of under $950, does this laptop stand out from the crowd? Will it be able to do everything you need it do to? Let’s go ahead  with this MSI GL72 6QF-405 review and find out if this will be your next laptop.

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The design is clean. The brushed aluminum surfaces of this laptop are the matte black plastic.  The appearance of this laptop may not be inspiring to you, but the quality is good. The base doesn’t creak when you apply force to it and is resistant to twists.

There are some weak spots, like the center of the keyboard when you apply force. The tiny hinges are stiff enough so that it doesn’t rock back and forth as you’re typing.

The keyboard is beautiful with its full-color spectrum of Steel series multicolor. It also has silver lining printed keys, making them visible, even in darker environments. In addition, through the pre-installed Steelseries engine, you will be able to customize your hotkeys in order to improve your gaming experience.

MSI GL72 6QF-405 Specs

MSI GL72 6QF-405 laptopThe screen is a nice 1080p TN panel. The contrast levels are decent, coming in at under 800:1. However, the maximum brightness is a bit on the low side as it comes in at under 200 nits.

As far as the outdoor visibility goes, it is below average because of the low maximum brightness of the matte display. When looking at it under direct sunlight, the content will have a washed out appearance to it. The hinge, fortunately, allows you to adjust it in order to reduce the glare.

Using the latest and greatest CPU architecture and faster DDR4 memory support, you’ll be astonished by the new Intel Skylake 6th Generation Core i7 processors. This will bring improvements to multiple application data processing, gaming performance, and 4K video trans-coding.

Gaming and other important stuff…

What good is this MSI GL72 6QF-405 review if we don’t talk about its gaming performance. With this gaming laptop, you can experience power you would only expect coming from a desktop. The power is due to the next-generation GeForce GTX 960M. The GeForce is responsible for delivering smooth, high-definition PC gaming performance, and even at high settings. The laptop offers impressive 1080p experience.

The Nvidia GPU VRAM was factory overclocked from 5010 MHz up to 5410 MHz. The base clock, however, is standard for a GTX 960M at 1097 MHz. As a gamer, you’ll find that you can play Overwatch and League of Legends smoothly. This laptop can use various high-end applications as well, such as Photoshop, without any issues.

The System RAM is offered by two DDR4 SODIMM modules, giving you a total of 16GB. If you feel that you need more, this laptop can be upgraded to 32GB.

As for the touchpad, it has a nice and smooth glide to it, making the multi-touch gestures easy to use. The two mouse keys are shallow with firm feedback when you click them. In order to push them in, you only need to apply a light amount of force. If you don’t like the idea of using the touchpad, that’s okay, because there’s a port available on this laptop that will allow you to hook up an external mouse.

As far as connectivity in the MSI GL72 6QF-405 goes, the ports are similar to the GE72 6QF and this includes the USB 3.1 Type-C port. However, there is only a Gen. 1 port, so you shouldn’t expect full compatibility when it comes to Gen. 2 docking stations. You also have three full-sized USB ports. You don’t have any points on the rear, and most of the ports are on the left-hand side of the system, making it less clutter for right-handed users.

With the two hard drives (128GB SSD and 1TB HDD), you will have plenty of space to do everything you need to do.

MSI GL72 6QF-405 Review: Verdict

We hope you got all the stuff you needed to know in this MSI GL72 6QF-405 review. If you’re looking for a fast laptop, this MSI might just be a great option for you. It has a good graphics card, RAM, and the processor for an unbeatable price. You can run everything in Ultra setting and the same is true for high-end apps as well. Get it if you are interested. Recommended.

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