Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 Review

Welcome to this Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 review. In this world of purists, a lot of people now prefer flexibility and adaptability. When we talk about these two things in the laptop world, convertible laptops are the ones that stand out. They have been making steady progress over the last few years, and the demand has only been growing.

In this Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 convertible laptop, you get all the latest features that one could hope for. The price is also pretty decent. So is this the best convertible laptop out there? That would be too early to say, but you can get a better idea by reading this full review.

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Toshiba calls this laptop a signature edition, and it shows in the looks. The laptop comes in a light shade of goldpagne color, and it is sure to get people’s attention. The form factor for the laptop is standard and looks neat. You can convert this into a tablet or a tent by simple actions, and the hinges do a good job there.

The keyboard we have here comes with a dedicated number pad. There is not as much travel as you would have liked but it still a good keyboard. The trackpad is still miles away from the best in business, but will not let you down on a day to day level. The laptop weighs around 6 pounds, so think twice before you take it out with you.

Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 Specs

The first thing you are going to notice in this Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 notebook is the screen. We have a 15.6-inch LED-backlit Full HD screen that comes with touchscreen support. This full HD screen does an impressive job when it comes to color reproduction. The IPS panel gives us excellent viewing angles, and you can see the same colors from anywhere in the room.

The touchscreen gives us a lot of new possibilities. Though it isn’t anything new, people still haven’t endorsed this much, and this would help that fact. You can navigate the screen faster with the help of your fingers and with Windows 10, the experience is worlds better.

Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 laptopWhat about the processing power? The Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 is fuelled by an Intel Core i5 6200U processor that has a typical clocking speed of 2.3GHz. There is turbo boost in this chip, and you can reach up to 2.8GHz when required.

This is a mid-range processor when it comes to sheer power. It has a CPUMark score of around 4000 which is definitely impressive with what it has in store. For you everyday usage, this processor should give you all that you need without any issues.

The memory in this laptop is made up of 8 gigs of DDR3L 1600MHz RAM. This amount of memory has become pretty standard right now and does a good job. You can multitask to an extent, and that’s a neat thing. Do remember that you can’t upgrade the RAM at a later stage.

Let’s talk about the graphics. There is no discrete graphics in the Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 laptop. The laptop comes only with the integrated graphics from Intel. Though Skylake processors have impressive graphics, they are still not as good as the discrete ones. However, you can still play some mid-range games in all its glory without any problems.

One of the less exciting parts of this laptop is the hard drive. We have a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive which gives you a lot of space to play with. The issue here is the speed. This hard drive is pretty slow and pales in comparison with the latest solid state drives. If you are okay with the speed, then there is nothing to be worried about.

The HDD also comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. This latest operating system has been getting mixed reviews so far but is a pretty neat OS in our humble opinion.

When it comes to connectivity, the Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 does not let you down. You will find all the necessary ports that you’ll need on a daily basis. The laptop also comes with wireless standards like Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n which are also pretty significant.

Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5357 Review: Verdict

Overall, this laptop from Toshiba is a solid offering. The fact that it can also double up as a convertible is a splendid thing for many users. If you are looking for a convertible laptop under $600, then this one should on the top of your shortlisted options.

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