VIZIO D24h-C1 Review – Cheap 720p LED TV!

VIZIO D24h-C1 720p LED TV

In this VIZIO D24h-C1 review, we’ll take a good look at the pros and cons of this new 720p LED television from the house of VIZIO. They are known for their cheap and best quality products and this one tries to get into the same hut.

Priced just around a $150, this LED TV offers a very good set of specs. Are you looking for a HD LED TV which doesn’t cost you much? Then continue reading this review and find out if this is the one for you.


The design is pretty good. From the front there aren’t too many distracting features. There is a decent sized bezel which doesn’t interfere with the viewing experience. The speakers are placed just below the screen. They are front facing so that going to work in our advantage.

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The stand is quite sturdy and firm. You can also mount it on the wall as this model is VESA compliant. When looked from the sides, you find that it is not the slimmest model out there. At 7.2 pounds it isn’t that hard to move around if you had to. Overall it’s a decent design and a good looking TV for this price.

VIZIO D24h-C1 Specs

VIZIO D24h-C1 review Let’s talk about the size before we get into something else. 24 inches may not be the right size for your living room if it’s big. But if you are a small place, then this TV will blend in just fine. It is a size which isn’t too small or too big. This can also serve as a portable display if you intend to use it that way.

VIZIO calls this a razor LED TV. The LEDs are distributed along the edges to get a picture. This is different from full array LED distribution but it seems okay for the price. They call it a modern technology but aren’t very sure about that.

The 720p resolution is the next thing in debate. People might argue that anything that is not 1080p is not worth buying. That is true and not true at the same time. For a TV that is only 24 inches, you’ll hardly observe any difference in picture quality. In this case 720p resolution will do just fine. The picture quality in the VIZIO D24h-C1 is pretty crisp and is the best you can get at this price point.

The native aspect ratio here is 16:9. This is pretty good if you are into watching HD movies. Most of the TV series (the ones in Netflix, Hulu, etc) are made in this format as well. The viewing angle is also good at a 176 degrees which means you can enjoy your favorite shows from anywhere in your room. No more fighting for your favorite spot. Yay!

The VIZIO D24h-C1 can display up to 16.7 million colors which is mainly because of this contrast ratio of 5 Million: 1. This is an excellent contrast ratio and keeps the colors as natural as possible. The blacks are deeper and the whites are brighter leading to very good color accuracy and true to life colors.

VIZIO D24h-C1 720p LED TVSound is very important for all of us. The DTS Studio sound is what you get here with the two built in speakers. This advanced virtual surround sound audio is a nice experience for normal viewers. If you need a better audio experience, then go for 5.1 channel sound bars which elevate the experience like crazy.

There is a HDMI port which will enable you to connect your TV with a console of your choice or even a laptop. There is also a USB port through which you can connect you USB drive and browse its contents in the big screen.

VIZIO D24h-C1 Review: Verdict

It’s time for us to wrap up this VIZIO D24h-C1 review. This LED TV from VIZIO is a very good 720p television for the price. They have a history of offering very good value and it doesn’t change here. If you are looking for a cheap HD television then this one is the best option you’ve got.

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